Growing clover on sand covered with soil

xplatinumJuly 13, 2014

Hello everyone,

I removed our pool from the backyard and am now trying to grow clover to cover everything up.

The ground is 100% sand in that area which I covered with soil at about 3/4 of an inch. I seeded white clover later (2 weeks) mixed with grass.

The issue is that it started growing fine, sprouts are out mostly everywhere but I think it stopped growing. At least that's what it looks like is happening.

Could it be due to the sand underneath the soil ? I'm thinking that the clover started growing but as the root expanded deeper it came in contact with the sand and now refuses to grow any further.

The picture was taken yesterday. It was seeded around 3 weeks ago and the sprouts are about only 1-2 cm tall.

Please help!

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Sand actually can grow grass (and clover), although it does present some challenges.

Here, what looks like what's happening is called "sprout and pout." I'm not sure of your locale, but this is characteristic of both warm season and cool season grasses.

What happens is the plant extends a leaf or three post-sprout, but then spends more of its energy working on the root systems than anything else. This makes sense--without roots, lush leaves can't be maintained. Without many leaves, the root systems do just fine.

Pouting lasts until the root systems are a little more developed. Right now, for northern lawns, pouting is standard--they simply don't grow much in summer. The clover will come out of pout phase much faster, the grass probably not until September.

For now, keep it watered appropriately and skip feeding until temperatures drop for fall (for northern lawns, southern ones differ).

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