electric bug zapper

doodys(9)October 1, 2010

My daughter got this from some ppl down the road and figured I could make something out of it.I originally figured I would paint some flowers but ended up using flowers from wallpaper border.My DH stripped it for me and was left with two holes in side due to cord so covered them with half marbles.It could be used as fairy cage or bird cage or even hold a plant in yard but being as I used wallpaper border I will probably use it in house....

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Very nice! Like that blue! If the flowers were painted on it would work great outside for others that "find" one in their garage or curb side etc. Would sure cheer up drab spot in the garden! Jan

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I love that idea ! I have one hanging in the basement that's collecting dust ... hhhmmmmmmmmm..........

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If you used Modge Podge or diluted glue (half white glue and half water) over the wall paper border flower, it would be fine outside. It turned out really pretty and no one would know it was once a bug zapper! I agree, a pretty little fairy vignette would be adorable in there.

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Marlene Kindred

Love the way it turned out....can't hardly believe it was a bug zapper...they are always so unattractive. Great job!

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A candle would like nice in it, too (for covered porch or something). Jeanne S.

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I love it. We had a zapper and we were going to throw it away. But I don't like throwing things away if I can figure out what to do with it. So I took everything out of it, wiring, all the stuff in the middle of it. Cut open all the side panels. And had a round hole in the middle by the time, I was done. Where I can put a bowl or tin pie pan in the hole with bird seed.

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I have one hanging in my back yard that was turned into a bird house.

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