BAD experience with Better Outdoor Products

buzzer51July 20, 2009

I did a LOT a research before I placed an order for a Quick 36 machine. I looked at Toro, Exmark...etc and had a hard time justifying the price. And while BOP's prices are teriffic, I wanted to hear what people who owned them thought of the product. Most people were quite satisfied with their purchase decision. So I ordered one.

I was told when I ordered the machine that it would be delivered in 7 working days. I received no confirmation of the order and I had to actually call BOP the week that it was to be delivered and find out if my order was even placed. I was told that it was but it would not be delivered when they originally told me. I asked if they could "do any better" on the delivery and they told me they would "check with the production manager and get back to me". I never heard from them so I called back and was told that they were "still checking but they were doing the best job that they could and that they would call me back". I never heard from them so I called them back [I]AGAIN[/I]. This time I was told "Oh - that will ship out next week. Sorry". I talked to the same person each time (Tommy) so he was familiar with my need. I felt as though there was NO effort to help me or satisfy my need - I was just another number. It was me that was chasing them. If they valued my business, it should have been the other way around. I made a final call to Tommy to cancel my order.

The issue I have w/BOP is this: if this is how I'm treated BEFORE I buy their machine, then what kind of support can I expect after they have my money? Tommy told me that BOP had "lot's of orders" and that was the reason they couldn't give me a shipment date. In thinking about this, I'm not convinced that this is the reason. I suspect that the opposite may be true: they DON'T have a lot of orders and possibly are having cash flow issues...meaning that their suppliers are not shipping them parts. If this is the case, it would explain why they couldn't give me a date each time I called. They're a small company and deal with each other every day; they should know in an instant whether or not they can ship a product...right? However, if they have cash flow and supplier issues then shipments become an issue: you can't ship a product if you don't have the parts...

I would personally suggest to ANYONE looking to buy a BOP machine to look elsewhere. They're a young company (6+ years) but I'm not convinced that they will make it - especially if they treat potential customers as I was treated. They may have a great product and price but customer service AND more importantly, post-sales support is a critical element that they seem to have lost/ forgotten. I wouldn't want to be stuck with a $3000 machine whose parts are difficult or impossible to get. Just my opinion.

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I have heard nothing but good things in regards to BOP. You have to remember that in sales you can have any TWO of the following:


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I purchased my Quick 36 from Better Outdoor Products and have around 300 hours on the machine so far with no problems with it. It's built like a beast and cuts beautifully. I've had nothing but positive experiences when I called to order extra belts, cables, and blades...which shipped quickly. I would definitely buy again from BOP.

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I have a landscape company and I own 8 machines from bop ranging from the quicky 32 to the quick 44. I would like to say that the quick 36 single hydro is the best machine I have ever used. I have thousands of hours on all of them and control cables and the odd belt are the only things I have had to replace. I have had any part I needed delivered right to my door in a couple weeks. I think that maybe the guy buying this machine had the cashflow this company has a great product at a great price and that will keep them in buisness for years to come.

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Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience when mine has been just the opposite. I have had my Quick36 SD for going on 4 years now and can tell you it is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever bought. Mind you I am a homeowner with a 1/2 acre lot, but it is used twice a week from now until October and has never failed to impress. Are there design changes I would like? Sure.... the location of the oil filter/ lack of drain shield, the battery is really tucked up under and not really easy to replace after 3 years....

And in the first year I lost a large plastic knob somehow and was sent a replacement for free! Talk about customer service! Probably a $2 part but it has me talking their praise here!

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I order a 32" BOP online on Sunday and called them Monday to see when will it be ship out to me. They said it is setup to ship out this Thursday and would take two days to get to me. So, I sold my other mower to make room for the new one. Now I only have 21 mower. I just called them up the following Monday and they told me that it is setup to ship out this Thursday and would take two days to get to me. Now this is just f**king great. I get to mow 40 properties with a 21 mower. So, I will call them up this coming Monday and see what they tell me and if they give me the same answer. I will cancel the order with them. I already told them if I like the mower I will order a new 2012 44 dual mower in January when they come out for the year. By the way, I have no cash problems. I own new house free and clear and everything else I own is free and clear.

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You have learned a lesson- it is rarely prudent to sell any equipment you regularly use until its replacement has been delivered and proven to work well.

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I have learned a lesson - BOP dose not deliver on what they say. Now, I have to think if it is a good idea to buy a mower from BOP. I know, if I purchase any commercial Toro, Scag, Wright or Gravely. I will not need to keep any equipment it is replacing. I can also purchase the them and most of the parts locally.

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You will have plenty of time to think all that over while you are behind that 21" mower.

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You said that right! I already e-mail BOP and ask them to cancel my order. When I find out when it is canceled and hopefully by tomorrow. I'll pick a new Toro or new Gravely locally.

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Since we launched our Fall promotion, sales have been brisk- so much so infact, that we've run out of engines. The shipping estimates that we've made have been based upon dates given to us by Kawasaki. Obviously, one cannot build mowers without engines.

I thank BOP for give me the facts. But, I still canceled the order. I need a mower right now and not later. BOP shoud put on their web page: Since we launched our Fall promotion your order may be delayed base on demand and tell the customer this over the phone when they speak to BOP sales agent about a purchase.

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