Brown grasses

ruru_1July 28, 2014

Few days ago, I posted a message about brown spots, and several people helped me. Today, I am encountering another issue. One section of our lawn looks like there is a mixture of green grass and brown grass. Please see the photo below and help me with the treatment.

Here is more info:

1. Bermuda grass
2. Mow every 7 ~ 10 days
3. Had lots of rain lately

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Common bermudagrass in your hybrid bermuda lawn.

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Thank you! Any solutions to spot kill common bermuda grass?

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Someone said I can try Scott's Weed and Feed to get rid of common bermudgrass. Is that true?

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The Weed and Feed product will not have any effect on the common bermuda. The Scotts Weed and Feed product is 2,4D and Mecoprop both are broadleaf herbicides. Your only real option, if this is a small area,is to spray the entire area w/48% active ingredient glyphosate, Roundup, at the high rate. 3 apps total once every 28 days and then resod. There is a good chance the common bermuda will return in the next few years.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

It is hard to recognize some differences in a 2-dimensional picture. When you get your nose into the grass, can you see a difference between grasses. There are differences between common bermuda and hybrid.

When I saw the picture my first instinct was that the hot sidewalk is drying out the soil. You need more water in that spot.

How are you watering now? How often and for how long?

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Bermuda + mowing once every 7-10 days + lots of rain = your current issues, at least thats a good possibility. I have an area with common and hybrid Bermuda and it all looks green and even (of course not as nice as 100% hybrid bermuda) but it looks nice. I am currently mowing at 1 inch and with the amount of rain and fertilizer, I have been having to mow every 2-3 days (with a reel mower). How high are you mowing? Try to mow every 5 days and see if you see any improvement.

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@ Joneboy 7: Thank you very much for your suggestion.

@ dchall_san_antonio: Before the rain last week, I used to water the lawn everyday for about 15 - 20 minutes.

@ iriasj2009: The current height setting is at 2.

The below photo shows left side of the driveway. It looks OK. The problem area is on the right side of the driveway. No problem on the both sides of the house as well as backyard.

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