cutting height adjustment too low on Honda any help?

david_efamJuly 29, 2009

I purchased my first Honda HRR after researching many mowers...I am completely happy except for the fact that I have the cutting height set to the highest and my grass is needing to be just another 1/2" to 1" longer. Any modifications or advice?

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There's nothing you can reasonably do about it. Cutting height is one of the primary considerations in a mower purchase. I see the HRR only goes to 3 1/4" - this would be a deal-killer for me. Most premium mowers today go to 4" or higher.

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Bigger diameter wheels are the only way I could think of to raise the cutting height. Finding wheels to fit will be difficult and cut quality may suffer. The only other choice is Craigs List and start over.

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HRR2165VKA/PDA cut height 3/4" - 3.25", wheels 8".
HRR2165VXA cut height 3/4" - 4", wheels 9".
Ask your dealer, you may get lucky and the VXA wheels may fit your HRR????

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Nice find whirlwind.

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