Hmm what to do with this piece of junk?

a.girl.named.max(4a)October 24, 2010


My past attempts with photobucket have failed so I'm trying another method.

I just purchased this brand new light fixture. It had been sitting at a local TS for over 6 months. They were asking $20 for it. I offered them $2 and they accepted. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. It's about 20" inches in diameter and has a dull gray finish. I'm not good with wiring so I won't be using it for lighting. I'm looking for any creative ideas. (Or maybe I should save it for the SS exchange?)

A girl named "Max"

Image link:

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Well, sure is interesting piece, will the lights come off the "ball" shape? Right now would make a great pumpkin for Halloween with just a face added of wire, tin, plastic. Hope others come up with some great ideas. Guess it could be body of an animal if you can weld. Have fun! Jan

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Looks like a great "chandy" for a covered porch or a protected area ... susiewantsroses did one with birds ...marlene, too, maybe froufrou, too... I you could spray paint some birds for on top of the candleholder parts ... & maybe some nesting materials inside the chandy.

It could be an orb in your gardens .... turn it upside down & sit it on a pillar (of sorts)...whatever you can come up with in your stash!...then you could hang stars or danglies or whatever from the upside-down candleholders.

Or as others have done, you could "stuff" it & plant Hens & Chicks or sedums.

Have fun! You got it for a steal! Jeanne S.

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Not sure what I'd do with it but it sure is an interesting piece! I do love either the bird feeder chandeliers with pretty cups and saucers or birds glued to the the bulb parts. I'm not sure if you could hang a suet type feeder in the "cage" part. I'm not sure how big the "cage" is but you could put a fake black bird in it for Halloween and little pumpkins on the bulb parts. Please post a pic of it when you do finally do something with it!

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Looks like a good frame for the body of a really fat bird sculpture. Cheryl

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Marlene Kindred

Well, you could do a lot of things with it....I can see a suet cake inside if there's enough room for the birds to get in and those cup and saucer feeders on the "candle" part. I can also see a bird chandi with birds on the outside with a larger type display in the center. You could hang it upside down with a seasonal display inside and prisms or other types of "dangles" on the outside. It could also be a bug body with four legs. Type in Bird chandelier to see what we're talking about here.

Oh, and let us see your final creation! We love pictures!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I see a Cinderella coach with the four torches where the candles are, add mice - horses and so on.


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club_53(z5 MA)

I would line it with peat moss, put planting soil in the center and then make a succulent sphere out of it with hens and chicks, etc. Then, it may be cool if it had solar lights in the candle holders so that it was lighted at night. It could be on a deck or outdoors in the garden. It could either hang or be put onto a post.

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Club_53 - that was my first thought. It needs to have some plants growing out of it and then hung up. Have you decided what you are going to do with it yet?

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I really like the shape of it, and look forward to seeing what you do with it. I think it would make a pretty garden sphere with any of the above suggestions!

hugs, Karen

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