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mowermadJuly 23, 2008

I have a Lawnboy 8243AE1, 1988 electric start, in unbelievably good shape. It must have been used and stored carefully. But it HAS been used and the drive pinion rollers are worn badly. The numbers are 610844 & 610845. They are no longer made and the few places online that have them want around $40 each. I can't justify spending that much without trying to find out if anyone has knowledge of what would be required to replace the rollers with one of the types that are still available cheaply. Any info or leads will be appreciated.

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indy452(NC Kansas)

Are you talking about the round rollers that touch the wheel and cause the mower to move forward? I looked at the parts diagrams and found no 610844/45 for the rollers and they shouldn't be $40! I've bought them recently from aftermarket for I think $10 or so. Check with someone who can get Oregon brand aftermarket parts Maybe even Stens parts too.

As for replacement you only need a roll pin punch or if you don't have one a small nail the same diameter as the roll pin but you need to cut the tip of the nail off so its flat. You simply place the flat tipped nail or pin punch up against the roll pin, tap it out and the roller will slide off. Take the caps off the end of the old rollers, pack some fresh grease into the new roller and put the caps back on till they are flush with the end of the roller and put the roll pin back in the roller till its flush and you should be done. Pretty easy job actually.

Holler if you need some more help, I'd be glad to assist you.


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I find
611266 Left Hand VS 611625 Right Hand VS
610475 LH 610476 RH
611612 LH 611611 RH 3.1MPH

I believe the first number is the slow speed, followed by mid speed, and the last is the fast speed rollers. I found several listed of the first and last set in aftermarket for around 10 bucks each and the middle set only a couple places show on a google search and are more expensive.

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Thanks Neal.
I have done a bit of work on Lawnboys before so I know how to remove and replace the drive rollers. I didn't have good luck with Oregon or Stens. RCPW only lists a factory 610845 roller for $48.49. This is the price range I finding as the last few rollers in existance show up. That's why I was hoping someone would know if there was a roller from a different model that could be adapted.

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This is from the Lawnboy site, which no longer has a way to look up old mower model numbers as a list. These are listed for the D-600 series and F series drives.
Drive Rollers
.88" Dia. 607657 L.H. Drive Roller
.88" Dia. 607658 R.H. Drive Roller
1.00" Dia. 610844 L.H. Drive Roller
1.00" Dia. 610845 R.H. Driver Roller
1.12" Dia. 610440 L.H. Drive Roller
1.12" Dia. 610441 R.H. Drive Roller

The 1.00" set is what I have and want to replace.

M&D shows the 610475 roller is $31.65. I haven't found whether this roller could mechanically replace what I have, but the price is hardly better. Jerry's says they are "discontinued".

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Just go here

type in your model number 8243AE1

Click on View assembly drawings, and then click on Drive Groups... that should be what you are looking for unless they have it all screwed up.

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thanks fordtech,
I had lost that link. I searched for all of those roller numbers and so far have come up with one source that wants $31 for one roller. And I don't know that it's 1" diameter. I am going to try to adjust the drive to work a little better, but I guess I'm going to wind up selling the mower, probably to a collector, who can justify $80+ for a pair of rollers. I like the mower, but I need to cut grass.

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Thats why I run 1994 and later Lawn-Boy mowers with the Toro 3 speed rear wheel gear driven transmission. Parts a plenty and dont wear out fast.

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mowermad, trying to find the right capstan roller for Lawnboys can be frustrating as there are so many different part numbers. The best way to ID them without the part number is measure the length and diameter of the roller you need. I'm pretty sure the shaft ID is 1/2" on most of the rollers.

I bought a whole bunch of parts from a guy that had a 8241AE so I may be able to help you find what you need.

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Wow, just looked at the date of this post and realized that I am 4 years too late!

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At least you knew it was a capstan. Personally, I have managed to avoid owning a mower with that drive set-up.

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I know that they are not the best drive systems but Lawnboy sold a ton of them and many are still running. Bad in tall wet grass but when dry they run surprisingly well.

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