The leaning totem

flowers12October 24, 2011

Here is a picture of the vase that I want to use as a base. Upside down.

Image link:

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I apologize for the lack of explanation. I posted a message before this but I couldn't get a picture to upload. What I'm wondering is...does anyone have a proven method of leveling out glass? This vase is uneven and since I want to use it upside down I don't think I want to level it from the bottom because it would show.

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The all red 1? I would think you would need to use a piece of that wide foam pipe insulation stuff or those things kids play with that come in colors, don't know what they are called but about 4 ft. long or so with foam with hole up the center so you could put some kind of pipe in there. If the vase could move around in the wind, I would think it might break due to leaning the totem to 1 side or the other. Someone else probably has experience with this! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Do you want the vase to sit on the ground or will it be on a stake? If its going to be on a stake I would glue a smaller clear bottle inside the vase being careful to make it level an then put the rest of it to gether.

If it is going to rest on the ground, I think its better to use a base plate otherwise the inside getes dirty. In which case you can put a small level on top and use little pieces of metal(washers? or what ever as shims then glue. Or can you make the geii thicker where it needs to be?


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beatrice_outdoors(6a MA)

It seems that you are saying you will use the vase as part of the totem, most likely a glass plate underneath (I'm guessing) and another piece on top, but in order to level it out if you put something on the bottom the thin edge of the glass will not sufficiently cover whatever you use to do the leveling and seeing the leveling piece will throw off the "look" of the totem, so is there something to use on the top (upside down bottom) that would work. Is this correct?

Whatever you use would need to be able to withstand the same conditions the totem will experience. Perhaps some craft foam, which comes in thin sheets could be used. Starting with a larger half circle, and layering smaller pieces on top, with the outside edge matching up and the inside edge getting smaller, to create a wedge would work? Keep building until it is level practicing with whatever plate/piece will go on top. Use the glue (assuming GEII) in between each piece of foam once you get the wedge size correct, and on top and bottom of the wedge to hold it in place when done. If you completely encase the finished wedge in glue is should help protect it from the elements. If you get red foam it might help to hide the wedge even more, even if it is under another piece.

Does that sound reasonable?

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Thank you for all your suggestions. Kathy, I was going to make this a totem on a stake and use a base plate then a bud vase to put over the stake. I didn't think about metal washers but I'll give them a try if I can find some small ones. You know, my son used some very small wedges once for something and maybe those would work too.
Beatrice, yes you have the right idea. At first I thought using crafting foam might not work because I thought it would disintegrate but encasing it with glue would most likely work to protect it.
Now I have to go to the hardware store to find small washers and small wedges then off to the craft store for foam. I'll get this done yet thanks to all of your suggestions. I'll post a picture when I get it done.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

If any thing shows you can cover it up with beads or glass globs.

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Good luck, flowers12...this sounds intriguing! Love the red glass! Make sure it's true red glass ...otherwise you'll be disappointed when it starts 'peeling' after all your work! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Well, I guess I should have looked a little farther down the post the red glass! Can't wait to see the finished totem.

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