Grass seed planting after using Roundup?

walt1(7 a)July 31, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I've had to kill out patches of Nimblewill with Roundup.

How soon after appling Roundup will I be able to re-seed?

I'll be using Tall Turf Fescue.

Thanks in Advance for any Info!


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>>How soon after appling Roundup will I be able to re-seed?

Technically, as soon as it's dry (about an hour).

Functionally, I'd allow one rainfall or irrigation between the Round Up and reseeding. That's to make one hundred percent sure any residue is washed into the soil, where it binds very strongly and won't have any impact on your new seeds.

But that's overkill just to be absolutely certain.

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Morpheuspa, that's not overkill at all. I have seen mowers track Roundup through area the next morning after Roundup was sprayed around noon the day before and the area was irrigated at night. Long story short I would wait at least a couple of days, and really you should wait at least ten days if you plan on aerifying or slit seeding the area that was sprayed. Give the Roundup time to do it's job.

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I've managed to track it damp, but never after it's dried or been diluted down. Strangely, heavily diluted Round Up can be used as a growth inhibitor...but I've never tried it as it's too touchy.

Although yes, waiting for said weed to die (a week or so) is always wise. Removing the body too early risks not getting the roots.

As far as garden planting, I do regularly spray and plant in May within hours of each other. So far, no losses.

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

The link might be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roundup

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