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Bama_JoeJuly 5, 2014

Hi folks, been lurking for a bit (great forum btw) and have my first post. I'm trying to identify what type of turf is in my mother's backyard. I started taking over mowing her lawn and this is the only section not infested with dallisgrass. I used roundup on a good bit in her front yard and am looking to seed it (also considered plugging with Zoysia but there are just too many large areas with no weeds or turf). She has no irrigation system, but this area has flourished and kept the dallisgrass away. Any ideas? The tips appear shaped like Kentucky Bluegrass to me.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

All the tips are mowed off, so it's impossible to tell. Next time you take a picture of grass, can you wait until a cloud goes over head to reduce the contrast? Also if you put a dime or quarter in the picture for reference that would help.

The grass appears to be coarse bladed like St Augustine or centipede. Here is a picture comparing those.

Note that the centipede (top) has pointed blade tips. St Aug has blunted tips.

Centipede normally grows under very poor conditions. It like acidic soil with zero fertilizer, low mowing, and little water. St Augustine will grow in acidic soil but it seems to do very well in higher pH conditions. It likes lots of care and will spread to fill under all but very dry conditions. I have about 3,000 square feet more St Aug than I had when I bought my house 3 years ago. It spreads by over ground runners. They grow about 5 feet in the spring and 5 more in the fall. St Aug should be mowed at the highest setting.

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I didn't see any runners at all. I attached a pic of a small patch I pulled if that helps. Appreciate the response and think the notification went to my spam filter.

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