Think I lost my mind!

posieh(3)October 27, 2011

Saw a newsaper article about a thrift store 20 miles from me that I didn't know exsisted. Had to visit today and yes, nearly lost my mind. This place fills an old school house and is loaded with stuff. I only had an hour so sarted picking out glass ware that I could use for totums, most of it priced about 50 cents, a few for a dollar and some for 25 cents. Had my cart filled at checkout so asked the gal if they made deals and she said "of course, what are you thinking?" I said well I'll give you a buck for a couple aricles here but the rest I'd like to get for 25 cents each. She said "deal".....I bought 5 dozen pieces of glass for 25 cents each. DH helped me carry!

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Wow! That was a super deal!! Nice going! Jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Oh my gosh! Good work!

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Sounds like a great place w/bargain $$$! Have fun! Jeanne S. (& share your finished products, please)

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

My mom and I found a place like that. We were almost overwhelmed and planed many trips back. It was gutted by a fire 1 week later. Such losses. That was over 35 years ago. Happy Halloween Paula

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Oh my goodness! You were lucky. I've gone to a few smaller places for the first time and thought I hit the jackpot. I was picking up glass and putting in the basket as fast as I could and just smiling all the way to the cash register because everything was priced at .25 and .50 and then I found out it was half price day. Sometimes we just get so lucky huh? Mostly here in Northern Calif I've found that the thrift stores have all raised their prices where I used to get things for .50 to a 1.00 now they're 1.98 and up. It really cuts into my glass budget so yard sales seem to be the best way to find good glass deals. I hope you enjoy making your yard art and be sure to post a picture.

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Marlene Kindred

WOWZER!! YAY for you! I want to see pictures! What a great deal...I'll bet you did about go crazy with glee!

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Now, finally have all sorted and shelved according to color, etc. Soon I shall get to work! I haven't dared to go back yet. LOL

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Yowzers! Our thrift stores don't bargain here. The only way you get a deal is when they have sales. And our area is like like Marilyn (flowers12) said about Northern CA, the prices for glass pieces are high. I only buy special items or wait for 1/2 off sales.

I know how you felt though. Yesterday my friend, DH and I went to a church rummage sale near my friend's house. We go every year. We went when things were marked 1/2 off and I got a bunch of things for a total of $8. Then my DH and I went back in at 2:30 for the $3 for a cart full of stuff! And let me tell you, my husband can fit 100 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bag so you can imagine what he did with a shopping cart. lol By the time we were ready to check out, our load was teetering. I got a bunch of bud vases for totems that fit over rebar/pipe and jello molds to try using for concrete. I think my DH grabbed every plate he saw whether it was ugly or not. I got a big mirror to mosaic the frame and a 3 plate holder to use to hold plate flowers to hang on the garage or fence. My junk lovin' husband and I always have a blast at this rummage sale. Isn't it fun to hit the motherload? lol

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I went out to about a dozen garage sales this last weekend and I've hit 4 thrift stores so far this week and I'm very disappointed. Sometimes there just isn't anything to be found. I'm thinking there must be a lot of people starting to make totems and glass flowers because in the past I always came home with a lot of glass and a lot of the unusual special pieces. Even my favorite Salvation Army thrift store had very little this time. Maybe I'll have to travel further out of town to find some good glass pieces. Maybe it's a good thing now because I just don't have any place to put what I have.

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