1" vs 25mm Shaft

fritz1255(PA)July 25, 2014

I think this may be the only chance for my old Snapper mower. Given the small difference in diameter, can I mount the blade holder and self-propelled drive pulley from my defunct 1" shaft motor onto a 25mm shaft on a new B&S engine?

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Certain manufacturers used to spec a different hub for the Honda engine built vs say a Briggs as the Honda was 25 mm and the Briggs at the time was 1" . According to the Googler, 25 mm = 0.984252". This is just less than .008" "extra" clearance around the hub referencing this. It would be a good thing to get an actual measurement. Is it the right spec? Doesn't seem to be. I can say that people have installed the looser hub in the past, but it is hard to give an A OK. In reading your other post, you will be taking responsibility for other re-engineering that has to be done as well. I have a customer that loves his old Snapper so much, that he had it repowered w/ a Honda OHV. In their conversion, the tech had inverted the drive pulley and it was creating problems. In this case, the hub and pulley were quite secure and was close to needing a puller. Of course, I don't know for sure if the Honda was a 25 MM shaft.

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The Briggs and Stratton has a woodruff key as well, so I may be able to install that engine without any re-engineering if I can convince myself that installing 1" fittings on a 25mm shaft will work. No way will I mail-order an engine for this - I will need to bring the hub and drive pulley to somebody's shop to make sure that it fits. The other variable of course is the height of the woodruff slot, as you alluded to above.

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Oops - never mind! When I miked the shaft on the old engine, the diameter was 0.984", or exactly 25mm.

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