forks for back of plate flowers?

leafaholic(8WA)October 10, 2010

Someone showed bent forks for the backs of plate flowers. I really thought I knew what to do. But now can't remember the shape. Was it r-murray? Thanks

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If you do a search for plate flowers it will come up. When I did it, it was the second post that had the forks. Good Luck!

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Marlene Kindred

It was dcarch who showed all of the cool backings for plate flowers...I'm sure it will come up with a search here.

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I tried forks once; I pounded them flat, then glued the handle to the plate with GEII and stuck the tines in the ground; But sadly, it didn't stay together long. Just an FYI.

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Thanks Of course the search worked when I searched this forum and not the whole Garden Web. We are headed south cause the rain is coming here in Washington and we need the sunshine. I am trying to decide what junk to take along and forks don't take up much room.

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