John Deere LX 178 stalls 5sec after starting; then crank/no start

gvegasdocJuly 4, 2011

This has been a recurrent problem last two years. Two shops, new PTO clutch, new throttle cable, and two new fuel filters, and $500 later, still having same problem. Whatever they do seems to help a while, then same issue. Tried cleaning vent hole in gas cap and loosening gas cap; not helpful.

When it stalls, it cranks and cranks, but will not start up...20 minutes later, it will start again, then stall again in 5sec.

Fuel pump? Fuel filter 1 year old; does not appear dirty.

Again, it will start initially nicely, then stalls in 5 sec. and will crank/turn over, but not start again, until 20 min later, same thing.

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First line of defense on these is to confirm that the choke is closing fully and each time. It may be good to determine whether or not you have an ignition issue or a fuel issue. A shot of carb spray down the throat of the carb will act like a mild starting fluid. If it wants to run- you have spark. How frequently does this do this? Has this machine sat for a while?

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What make of engine is on the machine? Some engines have problems that are not a problem on other makes, and are solvable with different treatments!
Your problem sounds like the typical carburetor problem we have found with Tecumseh carbs, among others.
Rusty J.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

I agree with the "first line of defense" idea.
A shame that shops practice so much "replacement" and so little diagnostics .
I think that the 5 seconds of heat amassment tends to rule out electrics, but the tests do need to be done.
The advice here is excellent.

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My John Deere LX178 with the Kawasaki engine runs well for about 20-30 minutes, then acts like it runs out of gas. It will restart if I hold the choke for a couple minutes, but rough. If I let the mower cool off, it will restart and run good for 20 minutes or so. I noticed the fuel pump weep hole was leaking gas, so I put in a new pump. I removed the carburetor bowl to insure that it's clean. I also removed the gas tank and drained and clean it too. All fuel lines are new. Not sure what else to check. Do you have suggestions?

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I am having the same issues, I am wondering what was the final fix for this problem??

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