Winter Garden Vignette Parking Meter ;-)

jeannespinesNovember 15, 2011

This is my Winter garden vignette with my parking meter from the hometown I grew up in...I've had it many, many yrs & it's planted inside an old 'tire' (turned inside out) that was being done probably 30 yrs ago! LOL! I grow my Hen & Chicks in the tire all yr round.

So today I got pine branches cut & brought out an old sled given to me by a friend this old sign I've put out a few yrs now & some hockey skates I got at a GS:

I will probably cover up the 'head' for this Winter vignette w/burlap or an old ski mask (LOL!)'s a closer view:

I collected a couple baskets full of pinecones from our pine trees ... will add some to the Winter garden vignette:

It was a beautiful day in IA with lots of wind & sunshine I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of my pool garden grasses. Remember that 'shell roofed' birdhouse I posted before on the old bell is silhouetted here on the tall post & I have one of those metal swirlies, too:

Leaves are gone off the trees & everything is dying out for Winter ...but this grass keeps giving all Winter:

A good day at home for this GJer! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Glad you had a good day to get outside there. Like your "parking meter" vignette. We had a lovely day after some rain this weekend! Didn't feel like fall at all. The leaves aren't turning yet & my daffodils have come up & are about to bloom!! The 2 nice rains about a month apart made things think it is spring!!Hope you have a mild winter! Jan

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I really like the parking meter and sled display.
I have a postage meter that is red and blue-have had it for a number for years-and hope to finally get it in the garden by spring. I had not though of standing it in my tire planter. What a good idea!
We need some rain here--It is soooo dry!
However, my bulb greenery is coming up too.....

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You really have a way with things.
And lovely photos too.

Thank goodness we had some warmth and rain as I had forgotten to replant a divided peony until it was really too late. I think it will be fine now.


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Very cool and you know I love that grass! Gotta get me some!

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Very attractive. Don't think I would cover up the meter, looks good as is

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Marlene Kindred

Looks great Jeanne! Love the old parking and lots of memories for you I'm sure. Your pictures are just so the grasses!

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oldgraymare(4 WI)

I love the parking meter! Very creative!

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