Bermuda Mowing Cut height method

bermudatri09July 28, 2009

Was just thinking... if you cut bermuda at the same height every time, eventually everything below the cut height will die? If that is true, this means eventually every mowing will leave the grass looking like crap. Does anyone cut below the normal cut height to keep the undergrowth in decent shape? For example... I maintain at 1", before every dose of fertilizer, I mow at 7/8.

Would this provide any benefit?

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Grasses mostly grow from the base end not the tip, so giving the bermuda grass a "haircut" at iether hieght should be fine.

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I think I know what you mean. Since you are probable like me and do not mow as often as needed bermuda can get to looking brown after a mow. I start the season below 3/4 inch and when grass starts looking bad after a mow i raise it the next time. Keep doing this until I am at 1 1/4 inch or so then cut back to 3/4. (then next mow is above that) This will usually be in early SEP. Now if I can only get out there when it is 115 and mow every other day these steps could be avoided. :) So if you mow at 1 inch and after it looks bad go to 3/4 then back to 1 that works also.

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Bermuda turns brown after a mowing because it was allowed to get too tall and then too much was removed exposing the stems. Once Bermuda gets so tall, over 2" or so, The underbelly so to speak turns stemmy and brown from the shade. To avoid this mow more frequently to keep it short allowing sunlight to reach all parts of the Bermuda. The presence of chlorophyll is dependent on sunlight. If it has already been allowed to get too tall, there is really nothing you can do to get it shorter unless you are willing to put up with a substantially brown yard until it regrows.

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