Weed Eater lawn mower Problems

ksrjreed1July 11, 2009

I hope someone on here can help I have a Weed Eater brand lawn mower Model number 961140007 15 it has a 20 in cut width with a Briggs and Stratton 300 series engine with 148 cc and 4.50 ft-lbs. of torque. My problem is when I start it up it sounds like it is wanting to take off and actually the engine is going so fast that it is moving the lawn mower on its own and making all of my gas spit through the three holes on the gas cap. I have changed the oil, changed the spark plug and cleaned the air filter and nothing has helped.

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You have a problem that is holding the throttle wide open- correct? Lots of debris under the shroud can hold on to the governor vane, or bind or bend in the linkage. Could be that the throttle plate in the carb is off too.

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There is no debris on the governor vane and the throttle plate is still on. I have noticed that the springs that are attachted are really lose but are still attached.

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Mower surges when it is started.Changed filter,plug,gas. second one I seen like this. help!

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My weed eater mower is only 4 months old, used about 5x. Never had any problem starting it but now it starts when primed then immediatley quits. Don't think it is getting gas.

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kty: Check your plug is it wet ? if No then it's not getting fuel lol .

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It appears that although your primer circuits are clear , your main fuel supply circuit is restricted. You can add fuel cleaner and or remove the fuel filter and clean along with removing the carb and do a detailed internal cleaning with tag wire and compressed air .

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Mower blade bolt keeps shearing off. Put new bolt on and it will last about 30 minutes. No idea why. No vibration.

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Yeah... Mine starts and then cuts right back off. What I figured out about that is, you have to go get a huge concrete block and repeatedly smash it... well, just anywhere around the top until it's worthless... well, that because these 300 series are a worthless Fn rip off. I hate this hunk of crap. Now I get to go buy another mower!!!! F this piece of weedeater JUNK!

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I had one to day the lady kicked it to death. Sounds more personal....

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