sportsroadJuly 9, 2008

I have seen TV and internet ads for Quicklawn from Gardners Choice. Has anyone tried this, or know if and how well it works? It sounds too good to be true, which always makes me hesitant.

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It may germinate more easily than regular grass seed, but after that it won't grow any better, and it is far more expensive than regular grass seed.

Are you thinking of using it for patching some small spots, or a larger project?

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I am looking at a larger area. My soil is poor and it gets hot here in NC during the summer (watering restricted to once a week), so fescue is hard to establish, even when seeded in the fall. I may just move to zoysia or bermuda, but I hate how invasive they are.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

I haven't used it, but, seed is seed. So, you can get the same results cheaper if you read up on how to seed, topdress and water correctly here.

Also, by reading up here and NTEP you can get a particular variety of seed that might suit your area better.

All in all, if you want a little more assurance and some extra convenience and don't mind paying some for it, go with it.

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I may just buy a small bag and try it out in one area. I guess I can see if the results are worth the extra $$.

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Go to your County Extension office or online to your state agricultural university web site. They will provide a list of recomended grass seed and instructions to follow. They use test plots to evaluate grass seed, time to plant and how to do it efficently.

Each extension office has volenteer Master Gardeners to help.

The green stuff is for Patching. Loews or Home Depot has good grass seed.

1. prepare the seed bed, Till top 4 inches. 2. Have a soil test completed 3. Amend the soil per recomendations. 4. spread the seed. 5. roll the seed bed 6. lightly cover the bed with straw.

Plant a great lawn the first time.

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I have tried this product. Seeded my lawn exactly 2 weeks ago and I have excellent growth in bare spots that I have been trying to fill-in since march (Some of the spots grew so thickly.) I live in GA and it has been very hot down here and couldn't get centipede, bermuda grass nor even the Quick Grass to grow. Quick lawn worked very well for me.

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I liked the sound of having a green lawn in the winter. However, it is difficult to get much information on this product. I was wondering if I can seed it now? What kind of grass is it exactly? I guess I will wait until the spring and try it on my problem areas.

If anyone else has tried this product since the last posts, I would love to hear more!

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I am from Pennsylvania. I can't find any info about the climate/zone needed to grow this Quick Lawn. I don't mind spending the money if it works. Does it need a lot of care? The area I live in goes from one extreme to the next. Spring time is a lot of rain that that we get floods, but good for cool weather grass. Summer is hot and dry that the grass turns brown. Watering during the summer is not practical. I have over 5 acres. I can't seem to find a grass seed that can tolerate both extremes. What can you advise me?
P.S. The pros & cons of this forum is interesting.

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Products like this sold over TV infomercials and such are mostly scams and should be avoided.

These products don't reveal what species are included in their mix which, in my findings is usually ryegrass because it germinates very quickly but in most of the US can be considered a seasonal annual. It is very thick and lush if you plant it in the fall, you will have a nice season of color. Then again, you can buy ryegrass in larger bags from your local home improvement store for a lot less money.

Nothing wrong with ryegrass if you don't mind overseeding each year and losing it to heat or drought. Plenty of people do this.

On the other hand, if what you want is a permanent lawn that will appear instantly, that's called sod. Look in the yellow pages under sod.

Related topics: "patch perfect"

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I've never heard of Quick Lawn but that doesn't mean much. I would never buy seed without seeing the guaranteed analysis of the contents. It might be perfectly good, appropriate for your area, and might be high enough quality to justify the high price; but I would insist on seeing the guaranteed analysis first.

I realize this is an old thread, but I want to disagree slightly with my friend, rcnaylor. Seed is usually seed but it does not have to be seed. Orville Redenbacher demonstrated that with popcorn, and cranberry growers routinely use various techniques to get only the good ones. There are things you can do to select the best seeds out of a batch. They are an extension of separating the wheat from the chaff. Those extra steps justify a higher price. Whether the Quicklawn people are doing that, I don't know.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

Quick Lawn shows all of the hallmarks of being mostly Annual Ryegrass. You know, the junk that serves as quick groundcover in "contractor mixes". It germinates in the same time as annual ryegrass, it dies out the way annual ryegrass dies out and looks like annual ryegrass (a friend bought it at a crazy markup price).

Quacking like a Duck, waddling like a Duck, feathers just like a Duck...

All we need is a little Orange sauce.

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I have used this product and so far so good. I live in Richmond, VA area. The grass I planted in the fall (Oct) came up quickly, continued to grow until a few hard frosts, and has stayed green all winter in spite of lots of days and nights with temperatures in the teens and 20's. The heat tolerance claim is yet to be tested. It is very expensive BUT you can save 50% by purchasing from Carol Wright Gift's at a normal price of $9.99/1 Lb bag (500 sq. ft.)and it is currently on sale for 2 bags for $14.99. There is no annual seed in the mixture of Appalachian Kentucky Bluegrass, Boreal Creeping Red Fescue, and two types of Perennial Rye grasses. It is really designed for patching but I use also it to seed troublesome areas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carol Wright Gifts Quicklawn

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If you are indeed in richmond then all of that stuff is an annual. Why not just patch with the species of grass that you have for the rest of your lawn?

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If it is an annual grass, although it stays green for four seasons... are they leaving out that you would have to replant it every year???

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For most locations it does not stay green for an entire year.
If they neglected to mention that it's a temporary lawn, doesn't that kind of seem like an important detail to mention?
It's not like this stuff is cheap. A container with enough patch perfect to cover 500 SF is about $20.
This past year, lowes here was selling 50lb bags of gulf annual rye for $20.

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Yes, that is a huge something to leave out. It should have some mention that the lawn stays green for four seasons, and then it is done! Lol.

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But it doesn't stay green for 4 seasons.
It stays green for one or two seasons- maybe 3 if you are in an ultra mild winter climate like a zone 8

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Sportsroad, where in NC are you located?

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If only last for 4 seasons does that mean you end up with a mud pond again? Do you need to re-seed in the spring? If so, can you just keep throwing the good seed on top of the growing lawn during the summer so it taks easier?

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I bought Quick Lawn from Carol Wright Gifts after seeing it on this forum. I order a lot of items from mail-order seed companies. I've had very good experiences with Springhill Nurseries and Gurneys Seed. But not with Gardeners' Choice. It was a nightmare. My order was lost, I didn't know if it was my fault or theirs, I was just trying to find it.The lady was very rude.Then she had me to call another # to see if my order was there.I did, and it wasn't.So then I tried to call back to reorder,they just kept hanging up on me.I would not recommend buying from Gardeners' Choice. Not a good way to do business. I sent my order to 2 other companies. That's how I got the Quick Lawn from Carol Wright Gifts and they shipped it promptly. Will let you know how the grass grows, and if it stays green all year. jena

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How do you expect a kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass mixture to do in zone 8 of texas?

Do you think you're just going to plant that now with less than a month before you start to see 90 degree temperatures? Don't waste your money. Call to cancel your order before its too late.

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These businesses that promise instant beautiful green grass that grows anywhere in any condition with no work must be absolutely recession proof.

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Thanks IFORGOTIT for the advice,But its too late, I already got it, and seeded my front lawn. I have no grass. What will I need to do when it gets real hot and my new grass burns up? Jena

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Look at all these needless comments. I was looking to hear about any results like the first questioner, but there are just a butch of old ninnies on here giving scam advice. If you haven't used the product, don't comment. Yes we know it could be a scam, that's why we're looking for someone who's used the actual product!!

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Jenna I am interested to hear how your lawn has done

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The only advice I'd give is to stay away from gardenerschoice.com site, or any other 3rd party site that redirects you to their site, to order QuickLawn. I have read only nightmare experiences from people who buy this product direct. I bought mine from Publisher's Clearing House and had no problem.

I didn't follow the instructions initially, I just sprinkled the seed on about 800 Sq.F of concrete-like bare dirt (aftermath of construction) and just watered it a little on the first day. Instructions say to keep moist, but I couldn't keep it from drying out while at work all day, and could only water in the evenings. On day 4 (it's supposed to sprout in 5 days) I thought all was lost but sprinkled some Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Soil over the seeds and continued to water once daily. It actually sprouted on day 7 against all odds! 3 weeks later, it's filling in very nicely. I sprinkled the remainder of the seed on a 40 Sq.F soft patch 4 days ago, this time following directions (rake soil, stamp into ground, keep moist) and also used the MG potting soil right away. It sprouted yesterday, day 3!
Do I care if it's 4 season green? No, I live in the Chicagoland area and we're under snow for 5 months of the year. Will it grow thick enough to choke out weeds as advertised? Time will tell. Did I spread it on 15% thicker than recommended? You betcha, and am glad I did or I would probably not be as happy with the results. For now, I can tell you my yard looks so much better than it did 4 weeks ago.
I want to buy more, so I'll have to check out Carol Wright as another poster suggested. I'm having a hard time finding a site that doesn't take me back to gardenerschoice.com. I think the problem is not the product, but the Gardener's Choice...and I'm quite sure the MG potting soil helped too :)

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2 1/2 weeks after my last post and I am amazaed at how thick the grass has grown, it's filling in VERY nicely. Carol Wright no longer offers this item so I have purchased some on ebay. If you keep your mower at 3" to cut your grass, this stuff really does what it claims! I can't wait to overseed my lawn next spring with this stuff before the weeds start growing! Already my lawn is fading to yellow, but the Quicklawn is a deep green and stands out like a sore thumb! LOL, the only part of my lawn that looks decent. I can't wait until it takes over my entire lawn!!!

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joan_mm(Z8 - OR)

We are considering this...but like others want to hear first hand reports of how it works (or not).

While I am very suspicious of the things sold on infomercials...sometimes they are really good products. The problem is you never know for sure until you try it...or someone else does.

For those who have planted it, please keep updating the rest of us.

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Bought it, haven't tried it yet. This is NOT the grass seed which has the integrated fertilizer/mulch wrapping the seed such as found in your local store. The scam part is that you pay $20 for the pound bag (plus $7 shipping), they send you second lb for "free" (plus $7 shipping) so you've paid $34 to get a single 2lb bag of grass seed (they combine the shipment). There are cheaper websites to obtain it though, I suspect you can go to www.gcspecials.com for cheaper pricing. Here is the label: 30% "kenblue" Kentucky bluegrass (germ85%), 30% "maxima 1 creeping red" Fescue (germ85%), 20% "pavilion 1" Perennial Ryegrass (germ90%), 20% "cruiser" Perennial Ryegrass (germ90%). Does anyone know about these particular sub-varieties? I know that one could purchase most of these common grasses from a local store but maybe there is something to how cost-effective buying this particular mixture is or the hardiness of the particular sub-varieties.

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