Weedeater push mower cord wont pull

MaryHopper(7)July 23, 2012

I was mowing with my mower,didnt hit anything and it just quit..Tryed to restart it but cord wont pull and i checked and cant turn blade by hand.Pulled out plug and cord wont pull. its a little over yr old and was mowing for about 45 min before this happened. Any advise greatly appreciated..

Thanks , Mary

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Have you been checking the oil level regularly? Check it now and see if there is oil in it. What does the oil on the stick look/feel like? Remove the spark plug and see if you can turn the blade with the plug out.

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BTW, never EVER put your hands, feet or other body part near a mower blade unless the spark plug is out or the spark wire is disabled.

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Blade wont turn with spark plug out.Oil and oil level are good.I check it everytime I mow. Its a weedeater brand from Walmart,,may have lived out its life expectancy.

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When it stopped did it sound like it was winding down normally (like when it runs out of gas) or was it a sudden, fast stop? Was there any noise, clunk or rattle when it stopped? Were you mowing on a hill? Even a Weedeater should last more than a year and a half. What I'm trying to determine is if it's seized (which may be cheaply remedied if you are lucky) or if you have a broken rod or crank( which is costly to repair).

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Stopped just all of a sudden like it ran out of gas...was not on a hill...my yard is flat...it didnt make any kind of ping or metal sound at all..that is what had me so confussed.I had put gas in it about ten min before..It was very hot outside in upper 90's.like it just decided im done..

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Tension on the safety bail seem normal? Hopefully, your warranty would cover your repair. Anything wedged in between the edge of the blade and deck?

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It sounds like it is seized. Have you tried to start it or turn the blade since it has cooled down? If it's still seized, see if it is still under warranty and if the store or manufacturer will replace or repair. If not, and if you are mechanically inclined, it is sometimes (rarely) possible to break a seized engine lose with a block of wood and a hammer and you might get some further use out of it -or take it to a shop and get an estimate-otherwise time to park it on the curb and replace it.

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Thanks for all the help..Im gonna try the hammer and block of wood when i get back from work..looks like its life may have ended...Thanks again

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When you tried to turn the engine by the blade, did you tie the bail back to release the engine brake?

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Mary IMO I wouldn't use my full name and other information on the world wide web unless you are using alias?. Too easy for hacker to hack when they have several pieces of information.. IMO more important to secure you accounts with Coded names and passwords 10 to 15 letters and numbers long with no ties to you!. I gotten hacked twice and it's not fun trying to recover on the worldwide web.

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