tinfoilhatNovember 12, 2010

This was supposed to be Duckman- Super Hero. I made him to scare off herons and egrets that eat my fish.

At least that was the plan. When I painted his superhero briefs the paint was giving me fits but I figured it was the heat. I made a stencil so I could paint a red oval with a yellow "D" on his chest. When I peeled off the stencil the paint came off with it. A closer examination of the Rust-Oleum can it revealed it was latex paint and that's why it didn't stick.

So now he's just Gay Duckman and greets the herons with a "Big Hi!" as they fly in.

Made with a 1944 WWII airplane oxygen bottle, misc pieces of pipe, rebar, nails and cotton gin saw blades.

Someday I'll get around to painting his superhero logo on and see if that puts a scare into the herons.

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After I posted that I wasn't happy with size and detail. That is a face only a mother duck could love.

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Great piece. You use a few techniques in the construction I had not thought of and will borrow for a future piece.
Having the pupils on the glasses instead of the face is such a simplistic and dynamic addition that I could have used a dozen times if I had thought of it: and I love the teeth too. I often forget there are true humorous approaches to sculptures.

But the amount of yellow would certainly keep me away.

Do you have any other creations?

Thanks for posting these pictures,

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

He's very cute and funny, maybe you need to explain his job to him. Hmmm, a tinfoil hat would muss his nice hair.

Pretty fish pond too.

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Marlene Kindred

He is too cool! Love the glasses! And wow! What a fish pond....I'd call that a fish lake!

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LOL, Duckman is a hoot. Especially with the glasses and teeth added. The poor herons and egrets will not be scared of him, but they might die laughing!

hugs, Karen

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Too cute. I need one of these for the same reason. If anyone gets my fish it should be me, my family or friends. My dogs try and keep away the herons, but they don't always get the job done. Sometimes my lab gets my ducks instead. It used to really make my hubby mad, but he has to remember that is what labs do. Great job on your duckman, love him.

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Your Duckman looks like a professor with his eyeglasses! Very well done! Jan

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I have a lot of whimsical creations I have created for around pond. This forum is first time I have ever posted anything online and I didnâÂÂt want to monopolize it. My ego and the microwave will make sure they all eventually get posted.
Yours and otherâÂÂs posts have caused me to see things in a new light also. While I canâÂÂt say IâÂÂm into glass totems, they have given me inspiration to try something similar with large gears and steel pulleys.
I seem to make a lot of whimsical birds and I have an old set of grass shears laying on welding table waiting to become a bird. I saw the blades as a beak but till I saw luna llena felelizâÂÂs Quackers I never noticed the bird head or bill in the handle.
On the other hand IâÂÂm surprised by how similar some of the things I thought were unique to my critters have turned up here by you and others.
I was working on a sculpture last year using large diameter steel pipes with rocks held in center by pins drilled into rocks. One was rocking on welding table and I saw it as a rocking counterweight and made a rocking bird out of it. On my first post here Karen asked if she could put my Guard Pig picture in inspiration album. I had never seen album but went looking for it. There was a picture of a rocking bird so close to mine that I could have been working off the same blueprint. Using found pieces of junk and things I have on hand most of my critters evolve as I make them. What I want to make it out of and what I have are two different things. But there was my rocking bird and someone made it before I did.
IâÂÂm getting long winded but I just wanted to say this forum challenges me and keeps me welding. And the mine and the microwaveâÂÂs ego enjoy the huzzahs.

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I'm glad to see that Quackers was an inspiration for you! I just love him and my junk bird Screech. I'm amazed at how much character comes out of scrap pieces of metal. Your Duckman is simply adorable and I'm sure all the herons and egrets will come from miles around to get a look at him as they dine on your fish in that awesome pond of yours. he-he I really like his cool glasses and his little red briefs ... or are they Speedos?

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I love the duck !!! AND ---- you keep posting your creations ! I think I speak for everyone when I say we never get tired of pictures !

We have some awesome artists on this forum !!!

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kelly_oh(OH z6)

Pictures, pictures, pictures!!!!

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Once I thought about slowing down my postings but, well, darn I just couldn't help myself.

Speaking about glass my DW brought home this rippled bottle and it morphed into this little critter for the garden.

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OH My.....I just found that cute little rippled bottle in purple....and it is gonna be part of my SS gift! I thought it was so cute when I found it, of course I never pictured it as such a cute bug.....hope the recipient can find something neat-o to do with it!

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I love it !!

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