Update...16hp Briggs Still Not Running

floridacruiser777(FLORIDA)July 21, 2012

Nothing wrong with the Anti-Afterfire Solenoid. It switches back and forth fine. You unplug it and the engine stops running.

I put in a new spark plug, fuel filter and shut off valve in the gas line. Also...checked the cap for vent blockage.

Checked the spark while cranking and it is hot and jumps far.

Pulled the carbuerator and cleaned it. Didn't need it...it was clean as a new one. Blew through all holes and put back on engine.

NOW...The only thing I observed is while it is running at a slow speed (the only speed it runs) is that the black rubber hose running from the plastic elbow (where the air filter sits) to the top of the engine. It has no suction in or blowing out. WHAT SHOULD IT BE DOING?

I can get it to run if I prime it or put it on full choke and crank it alot. BUT...it is running at a fast idle even when the throttle lever is set on max for mowing.

It will not advance to max engine speed for mowing. Checked the throttle linkage and everything is working as it should.

Check my earlier post (posted yesterday) for more information.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks~~~~Ron

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I for one, don't go chasing multiple threads to see what has been done.

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What kind of shape is your governor spring in? Has the throttle cable slipped or bound up anywhere? Air filter clogged? Its always the simple stuff that can throw ya...

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Please disregard this thread (bad idea as I have another thread on the same problem). All posts have been moved to the original thread posted....Briggs 16 hp runs slow and no power July 20th at 13:44.

Thank you~~~~Ron

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