Orec Grh 537 VS As Motor 531 2 cycle

shyblueJuly 29, 2014

Hi guys, i live in Italy, and next year i am going to change my 1997 commercial grade John Deere with a new one.
I can' t make my mind up between the above mentioned walk-behind mowers, does anyone of you have experience with these two brands? I never had a 2 cycle engine and i do not know if the honda Gxv is easier to start or which of the two mowers will be more reliable.
Which of the two has the best grass collection in wet conditions without clogging?
Can you tell me if possible pros and cons of the two machines and their engines
Thank you so much for your attention

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Just doing a quick Google search, it appears the later is built rather "chintzy".
The front wheels/axles look like it wouldn't take much to bend them.
The pivoting handle looks more like a solution in search of a problem, Plus the "anti vibration feature?" looks like it would be more of an annoyance and may be prone to loosening as you mow.
Just my 2 cents.

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