new Bermuda seed. how to deal with weeds.

adrock1July 9, 2014

I recently planted half my yard with Bermuda seed. The front half was sodded by the builder and I'm adhering to the Bermuda bible and starting to get great results with that. The seeded area has been a struggle though.

One portion of the seeded area was planted about six weeks ago. Portions are doing quite well and are already thickening up nicely with relatively few weeds. Some areas are almost entirely weeds of about a million varieties. My question is whether is should start treating for weeds this year or just let it do its thing and start treating with a fall preemergent and a spring prenergent and wait till next summer to hit it with the herbicides. I don't want to hurt the young grass but if it can stand up to it I'd like to hit it with something to start to get on top of these weeds.

If I can treat it safely what should I use? I used image nutsedge killer on my sod because it started off quite weedy and it wiped out every dang weed I had. It stunted the grass a little but not bad. I'd use it again if I could.


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Is there any shade on the lawn where it is slow to start?

What weeds do you have? Did you have nutsedge or did you just have some Image lying around?

Can you post a picture? Preferably take the picture(s) with a cloud overhead.

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dchall thanks for the response. to answer your questions:

1. Absolutely no shade. Full sun all day.
2. I actually don't think there was much nutsedge. I originally used the Image on the portion of the yard sodded by the builder. I had a variety of weeds including some unidentified broad leaf, a fescue like grassy weed, some wild onions, and some others I wasn't familiar with. I bagged up a sample of each, went to the local nursery, and that's what the "expert" there recommended. To his credit, it worked flawlessly. One application had the sodded portion of the yard totally week free. Considering how well it worked I'd like to try it on the newly seeded area. My only complaint was it stunted the grass growth a bit but its come back strong now.

3. The pictures. Sorry, it was pretty sunny today. First picture is the area that's mostly Bermuda and thickening up nicely. If it were all like this I would let it do its thing, mow regularly, and start attacking the weeds with the fall pre-emergent.

Here is a picture of an area where the weeds are worse. I'd say about half weeds half grass:

Finally a picture of the are where the weeds are worse. Its hard to see in this photo, but there actually is some grass mixed with the weeds in this area. LOL just very little.

and another area choked out pretty bad with another grassy type weed:

So there you have it. Again, thoughts?? Thanks for the help

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So I've been doing some more research and I'm pretty confident that the most pervasive weed I have is goose grass. I have a variety of weeds for sure but the rally bad stuff looks exactly like the pictures of goose grass I find online.

Not sure if that would impact anyone's recommendation.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

I was going to say pic #2 = crabgrass (but goosegrass looks like it), pic #3 = St Augustine (but can't be certain from that altitude), and pic #4 = too much contrast to see but possibly any of the above and/or centipede. Goosegass is your worst enemy of those mentioned. Can you let that weed go without mowing until it develops a seed head? That should positively identify it for you.

I don't have a lot of recent experience with herbicides, but from reading, I've never heard of using a sedge killer like Image being effective on common grassy weeds. If you decide to use it again, be sure to read the label carefully regarding temperature and other environmental conditions before applying. Most herbicides should not be applied if the temp ill be above 85 degrees.

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