Lawn Mower: smoking! please help

sheyJuly 25, 2007

Okay so I bought my Toro lawn mower last November. I used it once and then covered it up and waited for summer. Summer came and I have used the lawn mower about 5 times. Well this weekend I was using it and smoke started coming out of the holes of the metal panel on the side of the lawn mower. I know I should have changed the oil, not stored it with gas in it, used a gas stabilizer or something. All of which I read in the manual last night. Too little; too late right. So now I dont know what to do to fix the problem. I'm scared I may have ruined a $500 lawn mower. So any ideas of why its smoking?? Should I change the filter or maybe the spark plug or buy a gas stabilizer or change the oil?? Or just bite the bullet and take it to a shop?

also anyone know why you are supposed to change the oil after only two hours the first time you use it? What happens if you dont, can you ruin the engine? I checked the oil and it looks clear and its not over filled or anything....

ahh geez

pls help


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Did anyone by any chance tip the mower up on it's left side wheels for any reason? This will cause oil to get into the intake side. Were you cutting on a steep slope when it started smoking? This will do it too. All you have to do in these cases is change the air filter if it got oily. It's good to change the oil after a few cuttings because there could possibly be some stray metal particles from manufacturing in the crankcase, but it's not likely. I doubt if you've hurt anything by not changing it. What oil did you put in the new mower? If it has the Tecumseh engine (plain aluminum, not painted) it requires a straight SAE30. If a multi-grade like 10W30 was used, it could increase oil consumption but it probably wouldn't smoke.
Is the smoke black or blue/grey/white? Black smoke is gas smoke and indicates it's running rich. This probably would be from the float in the carburetor being stuck in the 'down' position. This would require a trip to the shop for warranty service. The other smoke is oil smoke covered above.
There's always the possibility that something has failed in the engine like a broken piston ring, but it's not likely and be covered anyway.
It's always good to use a fuel stabilizer, but put it in the gas can every time you fill it. This way you don't have to worry about old gas or forgetting to run the mower out of gas for storage.
One last shot: Black smoke can also be caused by old gas. If this is the problem, you'll have to drain the tank and carburetor - just loosen/remove the nut on the bottom of the fuel bowl and catch the fuel in a pan for disposal. Replace with fresh stabilized fuel.

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Does an overhead valve have anything to do with a smoking club cadet mower?

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