What do you use for edging your lawn?

danielj_2009July 29, 2014

I've been avoiding edging the lawn but since I'm getting some burned grass next to the driveway I thought I'd cut it back away from the Belgium block a bit. Home Depot sells those hand edgers with the rounded bottom that you step on. It seems like it might be hard to get a straight edge on a long run with that, but maybe not.

I see landscapers scalping the edges of the lawn with weed whackers all over the place. Ugh!

What do you guys do about edging around curbs and beds?

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A weed whacker in my case (technically a gas powered edger). They're easier to handle than many think, but wear eye protection at all times during use.

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Actually it looks like a good edger still doesn't cost an arm and a leg so I guess I'll have to spring for one. I actually don't mind the look of the grass growing up next to the walkway and if it weren't for the dying grass next to one section of the driveway I don't think I'd bother edging.

Thanks for the reply!

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We edge because, well. Kentucky bluegrass. Not a particularly aggressive variety, but it's aggressive enough.

Keeping the correct edge on a borderless garden is the hardest part. Over the last eight years, by the number of times and distance I've had to move the robot's guideline, the gardens have expanded about two feet on average.

You won't have that problem, and whether you edge or not just depends on which one you prefer.

And no, the trimmers don't cost a fortune and a good one will last a long time. I'd recommend a gas trimmer for greater power, although some of the newer electric ones with batteries do very well, too.

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

I have a stick edger that gives you a clean cut compared to string trimmer. It was a must for my previous st augustine lawn on a corner lot with sidewalk...

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I've seen those but never tried them. What happens when you hit a rock?

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I just gor a Black and Decker Edge Hog and after the first use love it! Previously used a weed whacker but was a PITA to get straight line or even cuts.

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Thanks bvaughn. I'll check it out.

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