Crab grass?

elbeardoJuly 16, 2011

I've posted a link with two photos of the unwanted grass I have growing amongst my UC Verde Buffalo grass lawn in Southern CA. I think it is crab grass, but it also might be some type of Bermuda. I have a pretty thick stand of this stuff working its way thru the lawn. Any suggestions on control? The Buffalo grass goes dormant during the winter months. Would that be the best time for applying some sort of control of this other grass?

Here is a link that might be useful: what kind of grass is this?

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Looks like Bermuda to me.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

That would be common bermuda. You're screwed.

One thing you could try would be raising your mower up as high as it goes and not mowing for a couple weeks at a time. Bermuda must have sunlight and it might be the taller buffalo will shade it out. Bermuda goes dormant, too. If you have a window of opportunity when the buffalo goes dormant but the bermuda is still growing, then you could kill the bermuda with Round Up. But if the buffalo is not completely dormant, then you will also kill the buff.

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Yup that's what I was afraid of. I was thinking of not mowing the for the rest of the season. Here's one thing that was suggested to me by a UC Verde dealer if I go the chemical route with Round-Up. It will also kill the neighboring 'UC Verde' that it comes into contact with. A trick here to control the application is to buy the Round-Up without the nozzle (in a bottle), and mix in a pump sprayer. Cut a piece of cloth or sponge and wrap with wire or rubber bands tightly around the end of the spray nozzle, so when you spray, there is no spray (and drift to other plants), but it just soaks the sponge/cloth which you dab on the Bermuda only. Any thoughts on this method? Sounds like a s#@&load of work.

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"Sounds like a s#@&load of work."

Sounds like that to me also.....and futile too.

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