Problem starting Mclane Edger

pcs2008(7)July 11, 2014

Hi -
I purchased a McLane 101-4.75GT -7-9-Inch Gas Powered Lawn Edger in March of 2013.

I have used the edger 3 or 4 times since I purchased it and worked very well.

Several weeks ago I tried starting it and despite all my efforts, it would not start.

I have checked that it had gas (lead free) also.

I have attached two photos of the settings I used to start from "cold" start. See Below.

Please advise me on what to do.



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Your settings should be OK: 1/2 to full throttle, full choke, and gasoline petcock "on".

Your problem is probably that the gas you left in the tank (and the carburetor) gummed up over the winter. You may have to take it to a service dealer to clean the deposits out of carburetor.

In the future, once you get it running, you should follow this procedure:

1) After each weekly use, shut the gas off, restart the engine and then run until dies from lack of fuel. This will burn off most of the gas in the carburetor and reduce the formation of gums and varnishes.

2) At the end of the season (when you know you won't be using for several months) drain the gas out of the tank, close the fuel valve, and then start the engine and run until it quits.

Best way to get the gas out of the tank is to not put much in the last time you use, even if you have to add more. When done, use a 99 cent turkey baster to lift the remaining gas out of the tank, and then do the "start and run until quits" procedure.

I'd also recommend you add a little stabilizer to your gas (Stabil) to help retard breakdown and gumming. Also running a little Sea-Foam in your gas will help to clean up any new deposits. I'd do the Sea-Foam (2 ounces to a full tank) maybe once a month.

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ggoyeneche -

I don't think gas was the problem. Here's why:

- Gas was purchased about 2 months prior to the starting problem.
- Gas is ethanol free.
- Just a few weeks went by between the easy starting (3-4 times) and the 'no start' stuff.
- I use the same gas in my mower and weedwacker and have no problems starting.....


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PS - I have contacted McLane several times on this and never received a reply. Might be something to keep in mind for others that are contemplating purchasing this Model..

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Have you tried a new spark plug? If that fails, give a 2 second blast of carb spray into the carb venturi or temporarily remove the spark plug and do the same. Give it a pull and if it tries to run up, it will likely need fuel system service as ggoyeneche had indicated. It certainly would be the more likely cause of your woes. If it doesn't, then we need to look elsewhere. Model and type of engine?

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Hi tomplum -

I'll try would you suggested. Can I get carb spray at Lowes?
Engine is Briggs 550 series 127cc.


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Briggs 550 is not the model and type. Your engine has numbers stamped into the sheet metal or the block and would look something like this: 083132-0110-B1. This is a real number for a 127cc engine, but not necessarily yours. These numbers will tell you precisely which engine you have and how it is configured.

As for fuel problems, if you're convinced that's not the problem, knock yourself out. Edger obviously sat unused over the winter and I doubt if you drained the tank and carb before storage. Even if it started once or twice this spring, you might have eventually had some crud flow from the tank to the carb where it clogged a jet.

Regarding McLane: I'll agree their customer service is so-so. However, nobody in the lawn equipment business who uses spec engines warranties the engine. The engine manufacturer's warranty always passes through. You can spend $900 on a top-of-line commercial Power Trim or Little Wonder edger and they will tell you to see Honda, or Briggs, or Kawasaki. Same thing with lawnmowers. As a matter of fact, if they do anything to engine, they can possible queer the warranty with the engine manufacturer. Only exceptions are where the mower manufacturer also made the engine, i.e. Honda, the old Lawnboy, and some others.

Good luck.

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