mower deck spindle

rockg(z7 SC)July 16, 2010

I have a very old MTD 42" cut and have broken a mower deck spindle (717-906). Someone told me to replace this, I should replace both sides or the other side will wear out fast. This mower is about 25 years old and has about seen it's last days, so my question is.... is it truly necessary to replace both sides or can I get away with just one side? I did find has the spindle, blade adapter and blade together for about $30. Sound about right? I also am wondering if the spindle assembly will have the bearing included?

Hopefully, I can get this thing running again !! Thanks in advance !!

Rock G

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That isn't a valid part # and google doesn't seem to help. Usaually , if one is worn- the other isn't far behind. Especially after 25 years... If you post the part # or the model # from below the seat it may be helpful.

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rockg(z7 SC)

Thanks Tom.... sorry I didn't post the right number.
It looks like it has bearings with it. I did do some more searching and they seem to think it's easier to replace the blade adapter as well so I don't have to fight to get the old one off.
Thanks for getting back to me.... think I'm ready to fight the fight now....

Here is a link that might be useful: Spindle I need

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Yes, complete w/ bearings. And yes, a great idea to install a new hub (and with grease or anti-sieze) with new hardware.

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I have a Craftsman with a 42" deck and have purchased a pair of shaft/spindle assemblies. How do I remove the belt pulley off the spindle (threads are the same direction as the bladed). Do I need a special tool or is there some "trick" I'm missing?

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The nut is a standard thread- so lefty loosy w/ a 7/8 socket. An impact wrench is the best way, but you hopefully can hold the shaft w/ the blade or use the belt as a grip to keep it from turning. If the housing is good, leave it bolted to the housing- then you can drive the shafts out and just use the new shaft kits and save the housings until you break one.

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