Honda Running Rich

tbriggs1July 8, 2013

Hi everyone,

I have a 2 year old commercial LB mower with the Honda GSV190 with manual choke and throttle control with a problem. Engine had been running fine till I tilted the mower (carb down oil tube up-wrong way!) to sharpen the blade. Upon re-assembly, noticed fuel/oil had dripped from air-filter canister. Cleaned air-filter canister and filter. Now engine runs slightly rough, not developing full throttle rpm, and running rich with resultant carbon build-up on plug.

Subsequently, I pulled the carb checking fuel bowl, needle valve and float and blew air through fuel inlet nipple and main jet. Starts fine but continues to run rich. Oil level 1/8" below full on stick, fuel new w/stabilizer.

What might the oil from tilting the engine gotten into to cause this problem (carb circuit blockage, breather tube blockage)? Is there a engine diagram available on-line?

Any ideas/suggestion/solutions would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Tom

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I don't know how you would clean the air filter of its oil. Remove the air filter and run it. If good, replace the air filter.

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I solved the problem before I read your post, however you're absolutely correct. Indeed, the airfilter was oil-soaked enough that the mixture was affected. What's strange though, is I could have sworn I removed the airfilter to blow it clean and to check engine run without and I thought it had continued to run poorly, so I'm not sure what to think. It is fixed though. That's what matters. Thank you.

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Hey Briggs; you're one of the very few with the Lawn-Boy 22271. I've never been able to find out how many they made in 2007 but it wasn't many before they pulled the plug. I guess you know that the same thing is now the Toro 22156 in case you need parts. The GSV190 is an incredible engine and I consider this mower to be just about the best ever made.

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Hi saxman1,

What clues you in to think this is a 22271? To be honest I'm not sure of the model. I purchased it new from a commercial grounds equipment dealer (no box, no literature) who said it was a prototype that they took to shows. The deck looked like a Toro and it has a guard bolted to it to protect the engine. I liked it also because it had split metal wheels and wasn't self propelled. If you know more about it then please let me know.


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I think the pusher was the 22270. It is the only Lawn-Boy that has had the GSV190. Actually, the Toro 22156 deck looks like the Lawn-Boy because the Lawn-Boy came first. As I said, the 22156 Toro is the same - same deck casting, engine, wheels, just painted red and white. It was a confusing time - Toro was phasing out Lawn-Boy but LB had come out with an aluminum-deck 'Insight' with Honda GCV160 engine (10797). I guess they decided to use that as a base and make the commercial model with the GSV190 to see if it sold. It was $1000. Whatever, Toro decided in 2008 to re-brand it to Toro. As far as I know, those are still the only two mowers to have that engine, but admittedly I haven't searched all the brands for it in some time. I know I'm very happy that I found mine in April, 2008 at Wise Equipment for $795. It's a full-commercial mower and the wheels have replaceable tires and sealed bearings. The engine has an iron cylinder sleeve, HD crank with ball-bearing mains, larger gas tank and cast aluminum cam cover. For the average homeowner it's pretty much a lifetime mower. here's mine along with my LB 10684 'Insight'.

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Hey saxman1,

You nailed it-great picture. I'm glad to see my mower is not an orphan. Thanks for all the great information.


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