Mower oil drips after shutting off

DohmeinJuly 1, 2013

Owned my Honda mower for 3 weeks now. Used it twice. Today I mowed the whole yard without shutting it off. When I did kill the engine I looked on the right side a few inches in front of the dipstick and I saw 4-5 drops of oil drip out then it stopped. You can see it in the pic fairly well.

Knowing nothing about engines, mowers etc in my head I think this is not normal. I called Honda, they told me that it does not sound like something to be alarmed about. Watch it after a few more mows and see what happens.

My oil level is withing normal range as well. I took a few pictures which I will try to post a link just in case it helps. Its not alot of oil, the pictures make it look a little less as well, dusty and dirty. Any info or advice is welcome and I thank you in advance.

Link to larger image if it helps.

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It's a terrible picture. No light. It's not normal at all for oil to drip like that. Unfortunately, I can't see where it's coming from, but we could be talking about a cracked casing. I would take it back for warranty or refund.

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Agree, bad pic. Best I could do as it started to rain.

I cleaned it all up, waited about and hour and ran the mower about 5 minutes and nothing. Guess for now I will wait and see what happens next week or return it, shall see what you all say

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I think I see where its leaking but am unsure what could cause it. Pic will hopefully show or allow you to assist me. My gas tank underneath is coated in oil (left side of the pic) I ran my finger underneath it and it was loaded.... Under the mower I see a spot on the ground as well.

Being new I do not expect this. I am in my 30 day return - guess that is where I am going next?

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Coming from the top it would have to be the crankcase venting system or 'breather', although it not out of the question that it could have a bad upper crankshaft seal. Being too full of oil would contribute to this as well as turning the mower upside-down. I have never seen a Honda OHC engine do what yours is doing. You can usually expect to get oil seepage from the governor lever shaft where it exits the engine block on the LH side. That just holds dirt/dust and never leaks enough to notice.

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Its odd. Quite a few friends have the same mower. Others have Honda, which is why I bought mine. They have also never seen this happen after years of service.

At first I thought I had too much oil in the mower but I did not even add the whole bottle since I guess there was some residual left over from the factory and its about 2 XX's from the top when it is not screwed in. To make sure that was okay I called Honda, they said it was. Guy actually said its ideal to get it to 2 XX's from the top without screwing it down.... I hope hes correct.

Appreciate the post saxman

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That is a good oil level. I would take it back.

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Thanks Baymee. I did in fact take it back. Could have been a few things I guess, all of which I want no part of. New one is home and so far so good in the 5 minutes I let it run. Cutting this weekend if it ever stops raining and I will see how it goes from there.. Pretty hopeful all will go well. Appreciate the help folks.

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