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flowers12November 17, 2011

Last year I sold my plate flowers for 15, 20, and 25. Some buyers made comments on how reasonable my prices were. My dh thinks I should charge 20, 25, 30 and a few he thinks at 40. I'm a little nervous about 40. I've decided to have prices from 15 on up so I will be able to hear the comments but still have some available at the lower end. I also will have little glass mushrooms that were a big hit last year. I sold them 3 for 10. Of course my dh wants me to sell them for 3 for 15. It only takes about a dollar to make them, two pieces of glass but they are so cute in the garden. I've always given the rebar and pvc free with the purchase so it was ready to go right in the garden. Everything really does add up for the cost of selling at the craft fairs.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I love your mushrooms!
Those are the most mushroomy ones I've seen. $5 each seems like a deal to me.

I got lots of comments on how reasonable my prices were too. (Ours were close since I charged for the stems.) I want to keep them reasonable, but make sure I get a return on my investment for some of the more expensive glass and plates.

Is it the bigger red ones you want to charge more for?


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Yes, the red plates are a little bigger than a normal dinner plate and I paid 3 each for them. They are really beautiful, of course I think so :). My dh says 45!!! I don't think anyone would pay that much. He says that on Etsy they're going for 55, 60. I think on Etsy it's different than at a Craft Fair don't you?

Do you think anyone would pay 5 for a mushroom?
Thanks for your input.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I think 5 is fine for the mushrooms.
I'm the wrong person to ask about 45. I wouldn't dare to ask that, even tho its possible that it is reasonable. Remember the $800 totem guy!!! We probably do under price ourselves.

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That $800 totem guy, was he for real? I wonder if he ever sold any? Yes $45 is more than I would feel comfortable asking. Although, last year at this same Craft Fair I put a $40 price on one of my very favorite totems thinking no one would ever pay that much and to my dismay someone bought if right away. I was so sad to give it up. You just never know what people will pay I guess. The thing about it is once you put the price on it and people think it's too much they walk away. My dh says that I can always lower the price after a few hours or bargain with the person. I've not had anyone bargain with me have you? Oh, yes I did have one lady ask me if she bought two would I take $50 instead of $55. I said yes of course.
This will only be my 4th ever craft fair and I learn new things from all of the Garden Web people that are really helpful. Thank you all!

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Marlene Kindred

Flowers...I'm not sure where in the country you are, but in some places (larger type cities), $45 plate flowers would sell all day long, but in most places, I think that's a lot to ask. I've never sold any of mine, but I would think that $30 would be the most I could ask and that would be for one that I spent more money on, say $10 to make. In retail, the markup is usually three times the cost...or at least it used to be when I was in retail. When I go to a craft fair or even to a shop, I'm more willing to buy if there are a variety of prices. Sometimes I'm not willing to spend a lot, but if it's something I just love, I'm certainly willing to spend a little more. As for your mushrooms, I think $5.00 each is reasonable and you will sell quite a few that way. Good luck with your craft day and let us know how you did!

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I agree w/crete & marlene...& they know glass prices much better than me ... I would say the $5 for the 'shroom sounds good to me (I would pay that) but I would also make a better buy for your customer by saying $5 for one or 3 for $12 (like you did w/3 for $10).

I sell my photo cards at Farmer's Mrkt & they are the quarter-size (so smaller pics than what people get printed at photo shops) I charge $1.25 each.,. or 5 for $5.00 ...& I usually sell mostly 5 for $5.00's.

Good luck & let us know how it goes! Lots of work setting up & down!...we do woodworking at FMrkt, I know how much work you are doing! Have fun!! Jeanne S.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Yes be sure to report back. I'm eager to hear how it goes.

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I'm selling my plate flowers here for $25, as are the other crafters. They sell for more on etsy. More like $30.

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