Summer patch or dormancy?

Hufferman(7)July 16, 2013

Hello, I don't know much about lawn care and have been doing hybrid fertilizing. My lawn is not large and during summer I get lots of shade due to tree's but at least 5 hours of direct, indirect, and filtered sunlight. When the leaves fall I get lot's of sunlight. I know it's hard to grow KBG in Memphis. Is this Dormancy, Summer Patch or something else? I do have a mole digging tunnels but I haven't seen any grubs so don't know if it's grubs, dormancy, or Summer Patch. I have 3 other pictures but don't know how to load them all to the same post.

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Here's another picture.

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Here's a far away shot to show that the grass close to the street and sidewalk are brown which make me think it's dormancy. These area's get direct sunlight from 2pm - 6pm due to the sun's angle during that time of the day. I have irrigation but it's hard to get those area's with Gilmour Oscillating Sprinkler

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That does not look like Summer Patch at all, looks more like animal damage either from moles/voles or other animals looking for grubs/worms.

It is not that difficult to grow and maintain a Bluegrass lawn in TN, get the right cultivars (look at the ntep site and pick the Raleigh, NC location) fungicides 4 times during the summer, and water whenever mother nature does not provide.

I'm in Raleigh, NC, my lawn is a Bluegrass blend and it does very well around here on most years.

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Thank you very much Auteck. I guess I will bite the bullet and dig that area up to look for grubs. It is possible to be dog damage like urine because lots of people walk their dog's and let them do their thing around the neighborhood. I have looked at the NC Raleigh Ntep and tried to get a better understanding of what would be the best choices. I want to overseed this fall and maybe early April of next year if my lawn doesn't thicken up. I have made lot's of call's to different places finding out what was in their blends and getting a lot analysis to verify no weed seeds. My choices are 3 lbs of this blend
25% Everest KBG
25% Granite KBG
20% Award KBG
15% Blue Velvet KBG
15 % Everglade KBG
and then add 2lbs of either Rhapsody or America to add some America Type
or this blend of 5lbs
20% America Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Blue Velvet Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Moon Shadow Kentucky Bluegrass
20% Langara Kentucky Bluegrass
I can also order 1 lb each of Prosperity, Moonlight SLT or Moon Shadow and 1 Midnight Type for a total of 3 lbs of sod quality for the same price as the blends listed above. The blends have no weed seed so I am stuck trying to decide. Any guidance is welcomed.

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