southern California lawn needs help

skrawJuly 13, 2014

Hey everyone, first post here. So we recently purchased a new home in southern California. I just got done redoing the sprinkler system to achieve adequate coverage. That's all set now. The problem is the lawn is in pretty bad shape. Weeds here and there, a few different types of grass in certain areas and one corner that has this weird weedy ground cover coming up. Covers around 20-30 Sq ft mixed in with the grass. The soil has a lot of clay in it. The grass areas that are alright are in pretty good shape I guess. Fescue I'm guessing. I'm just wondering if I should rip it all out and start from scratch or if it's salvageable. Should I use sod or seed? I never seem to get great results with seeding, never comes in full and even. Should I add something to the soil? Kind of a Newby when it comes to grass. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks!

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Kind of a newby, yes, I could tell. But some of us like to help folks like you.

Where do you live? Big Bear? La Jolla? Heber? Victorville? It makes a big difference in SoCal.

How do you have the sprinklers set? How often and for how long? You're going to need to test the sprinklers to see how long it takes to apply 1 inch of water. Put some tuna or cat food cans in the yard and turn on the water. Time how long it takes to fill all the cans. Remember that number.

Can you post some pictures of your grass(es) and weeds?

It would be rare if your soil had a lot of clay in it. It would not be rare at all if it had a lot of salts in it that act like clay. Only a good soil test can tell you that. I'm not suggesting that you need a soil test, I'm just saying you can't be too sure of the soil content by what others tell you.

Whether this is salvageable and how depends on where you live and what you have. Seeding can be tricky, but we can help with that, too. If you do it wrong, you'll get bad results every time. There are a few ways to do it right and a lot of ways to do it wrong.

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