Toro Recycler - Blade fell off

ankitrJuly 3, 2009

Hi guys, I have a Toro Recycler, 6.5 HP, 22" cut. I recently got the blade stuck in a tree stump, the grass was kind of tall and I didn't see it. The engine stopped when it got stuck and I had to pull the blade out of the tree stump. After pulling it out the blade was loose and as I pulled the starter to start the engine the blade fell off after 2-3 pulls. Now every time I put the blade back on I tighten it as much as I can, its pretty dang tight. But when I try to start the engine, 2 - 3 pulls of the string and the blade falls off again.

I don't know what to do, I keep putting the blade back on but it falls off and the engine doesn't start because of that (I think its a safety feature).

Do you think there's something causing the blade to come loose really easily even after I tighten it on?

Thanks for your help guys! Times are hard and I can't afford to buy another mower.

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Try this: Go to a hardware sore, and buy a lock washer that will fit under the nut, and then tighten it up again and the blade should stay tight and on. There is another type of locking washer, called a "belleville" washer. It has a slightly domed appearance when viewed from the side. Install this type of washer with the dome up towards the nut, and tighten really tight. The original locking washer evidently flew off into the grass and was overlooked when you began looking for the parts!

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canguy(British Columbia)

How tight is tight? Are you using a socket and breaker bar?

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I used a wrench to tighten it. And its really tight, I don't know how to describe it but I can assure you that it is pretty much as tight as it will get.

I will be going to sears tomorrow so I will definitely pick up that washer. I hope it works, I will post back as to what happens.

Thanks a lot for your help guys I really appreciate it!

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Something else is wrong. A lock washer is a patch that will mask the real problem. I doubt that it had a lock washer to begin with. I would check the parts diagram of that mower and replace any parts that are missing. Also you could take the parts you have and let someone else inspect them if you can't figure it out. That is a dangerous problem.

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What rdaystrom said. This has cropped up once before IIRC, and I don't think it was ever resolved. Something is very wrong, and you need to have it looked-at by someone who knows what they're doing. Maybe the crankshaft is bent and the blade vibrates loose.

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My guess is the key that locks the hub to the shaft is sheared. There could be other issues as well.

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Is just the blade falling off? Or is the hub falling off too.

You should inspect the bolt carefully for stripped threads. I agree with the other poster. A lock washer IS NOT a good idea. If it works it will only cover up the real problem.

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Whoa don't put a lock washer on it. I believe you have a bent crank shaft that is causing the screw to back out because there is now an extra vibration while it runs. Anytime you hit something and the blade stops the engine it's not good. You should check the crank for bending by fliping the unit over and slowly pulling the rope while you look at the crank (with the spark plug wire pulled off). If it looks at all bent you need to repair it. I've seen this so many times where people let it go and the vibration causes many other things to break prematurely.

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If the blade falls off from merely from trying to pull start it 2-3 times you are definitely not tightening it at all. Take it to a repair shop immediately.

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My Toro Recycler is having the exact same issue. Did you find a way to fix your mower?

(I hit a root which stopped the blade. The shaft appears to be straight. I can put a blade on and tighten the bolt way down, but as soon as I start the mower the blade drops off.)

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aublem, my guess is the hub's internal key that holds it from spinning on the shaft is sheard. Most Toros the hub assy gets replaced to correct.

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I have the same problem with my troy-bilt 21" walk-behind after I replaced a blade - so it is not a bent shaft.

There is no lock washer with this model, but there is a wave washer that can come off with the blade adapter. Could that be the issue for this model?

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Did you reinstall or replace the wave washer and blade adapter and are they in the correct order? Is the blade installed upside down? Is the blade the correct one for your mower?

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My neighbors Toro does the same thing and so does my Lawnboy also manufactured by Toro. Neither have hit tree stumps or anything else. I wonder if it is the the bolt direction tightening and the blade rotation direction ?

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it definitely is the blade/pully hub their is a key in the hub that breaks off or bends very easy have replaced many.

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