Secret Santa Fun

paulette19November 19, 2010

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am having a ball finding just the right " stuff " for my Secret Santa person. This is so much fun!!!

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Marlene Kindred

It is fun, isn't it? Glad you're enjoying yourself....the only problem I'm having is that mine is going to be heavy, so who knows how much it will cost to ship! But, it is a blast to search for things....kind of like a scavenger hunt!

Happy Shopping!

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I'm using those boxes from the post office that are free and if it fits in the box it ships for a certain price no matter how much it weighs. I ordered mine on-line. Each size box has a set shipping price. I'm not sure what size the biggest box is, but you could check at your local post office.

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I agree I AM HAVING FUN searching for just the right stuff! 2 of the things I really want to include won't fit in one of those boxes you are referring to....I already tried ...and if I don't quit finding things I won't be able to afford the postage the box is getting quite heavy! I keep thnking oh...just one more little thing won't hurt!!

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

I have never played this Secret Santa game before and I have to agree also that I am having sooooooooooo much FUN just getting things together and making special things for my buddy. Way more funner then exchanging gifts at Christmas with family members. shhh don't tell my family that. I haven't even started family Christmas shopping yet. I think at my family Thanksgiving gathering next week I'll suggest we draw names and put secret santa on the gifts. I also picked up one of those boxes at the post office and the postal person said if it fits it ships, will I been stuffing that sucker full and I think i'll have to have help to get it to the post office. Last night I could not get another thing in that box so I taped her up and she is shipping out tomorrow morning. DON'T OPEN TIL CHRISTMAS. Sandy

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Glad yall( that's Texas for all of you) are having as much fun as I am. When my husband walks by my cluttered craft room, and I'm on my knees packing my box, he just shakes his head.

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I'm having fun, too, paulette! Glad you started this post. My GJer friend is fairly new on this forum so I'm having a bit of time "contemplating" what I think the GJer may like! I got one of those boxes from the P.O., too...a good way to can stuff those babies full! LOL! Jeanne S.

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I would have enjoyed participating this year but with the work on our new house and then our move, I didn't think I'd have ample time to devote to it this year. I do remember how much fun it was previous years when I participated. I agree with Sandy, it's better than exchanging gifts with my family. They never seem to get me the right thing. Here I know I'll get some great goodies. I can't wait to see what gifts people get. Next year I'm hoping to be able to participate again.

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PLEASE take this over to the conversations side.....

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

I think paulette19 is a bit of a newbie and just plain forgot about the other side of our beloved Garden Junk forum.

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Paulette, I am so happy you are enjoying the Secret Santa Exchange! :o) I began the exchange a few years back. It was so much fun to see and hear the joy when people sent and received their gifts.

Nonacook, I feel that since the exchange is about garden junk, I can see where poeple would post on the discussions side of the forum. I also feel that it is insensitive of people to post, "Post on the Conversations Side" without further clarification. There are so many new people on the forum. If you post such a comment, then post HOW to get to the conversations side. On a side note, many forums on Gardenweb do not have a conversations side. It would be understandable if people post here...not knowing there IS another side. PLEASE be sensitive to the new posters. When, I started the Secret Santa Exchange, I received a letter of reprimand for posting the Secret Santa Exchange on the wrong side. I was devestated by this. Let's welcome newcomers in a positive way and give them information about how to post on the conversations side...rather than reprimands.

I do understand that posts fall off the forum when new posts come on. Again, let's be welcoming and explain things to new members.

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I took this huge lump of coal out of the compost pile (you know that pile of BS out in the garden where my insensibility is rotting away) and now I know where I should send it.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Hey Paulette19, no worries OK?
We've all done this at least once (some of us more than) and the earth keeps on turning.
Welcome to Garden Junk, laissez les bons temps rouler!

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