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lonewoof(z7 SC)July 5, 2011

FWIW: Our local fuel supplier has signs posted: "OUR GAS DOES NOT CONTAIN ETHANOL". I filled up my truck and the lawnmower can, and the mower starts usually on the first pull, occasionally it takes two. Before this, sometimes it might take 6 or 7 pulls.

I haven't been able to see any difference in the truck. I'm waiting to run this tankful out, and refill and check mileage.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

I do not believe either side in this debate..
Something about "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth".
This includes NO omission of details.

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We have one local gas station that opened up with no ethanol gas. It normally runs about 5 cents more per gallon. In 4 tanks of gas ran through the car I get about 2 miles per gallon better mileage. Up to about 31 mpg from 29.

earthworm. The truth is that ethanol is a less efficient fuel for engines, more readily draws moisture, and has to be government subsidized. At least for now.

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indy452(NC Kansas)

Ethanol ruins small gas engines so run non ethanol fuel in your small gas engines if you like them!! I don't know anyone around here that actually likes the stuff....

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It's true - ethanol provides less polution - less burning efficiency. The real problem is going to come when the feds approve a 15% ethanol mixture. Especially for older cars and most of the lawn equipment. Here is a web site for finding ethanol free stations - most are Union76.

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If ethanol blended gasoline really ruined engine seals and the like we would have millions of dead and dying cars and lawnmowers by now. That we don't see anything like that leads me to believe we have a few urban legends repeated endlessly. Cars and mowers that are purported to have been ruined by ethanol blended fuel were more likely killed by a long life of deferred maintenance.

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the following is taken from the Briggs training video on the briggs power portal.
1. Ethanol fuel contains up to 10% alcohol that is made from corn products.
2. The ethanol fuel contains less energy than non ethanol fuel. (I don't know if you will notice this in a mower engine.)
3. The alcohol in ethanol fuel attacts moisture. The moisture in gaskets, seals, fuel line, and other carburetor parts is absorbed by the alcohol. These items will require more frequent attention to keep the engine going. Carburetor corrosion is more likely with this fuel.
4. The alcohol in the ethanol fuel contains oxygen that leans the fuel air mixture in the cylinder. This causes hotter exhaust temperatures. Briggs recommends that no more than 75% of available power be drawn from the engine. This means the engine can still run at full governed rpm, but the tall grass that causes the governor to fully open the carburetor throttle should be avoided.
5. Ethanol fuel does not enjoy a long life. The alcohol can separate from the regular fuel.
6. Fuel systems should be drained or run dry when the engine will be stored.
7. Briggs has taken the position that ethanol is here to stay and we have to adapt to this fuel. Engines can be redesigned to better tolorate ethanol. (redesign will increase engine prices)

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I can only get 10% ethanol. My OPE is mostly 30 yr old freebies. After dealing with endless carb tear downs, I started using Marvel Mystery Oil. Just a cap full every tank. I havent had to mess with carbs since. The stuff with shut offs is run dry after every use. No special care is given during storage. The stuff winters over on what ever is left in the tank. MMO is the difference.

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Ethanol has an effect on OPE that I see. I recommend Startron or Marine Stabil to my peeps.

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earthworm(6 Pennsylvania)

IMO, that thats what we have here, is that the negative effect of ethanol is closer to 1% rather than 10%.
But this thread is an interesting read.
I'd love to see the same effort placed into Diesel engines as was placed into the space and atomic energy programs.
Our nation MUST have energy indepenance.
ATF is (AFAIK) nearly the same as MMO, so I'll try a little of this to counter the ethanol.....
as far as I know = AFAIK...

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I add a little Chevron Techron to my 2 gal gas can when I fill up. Carb/fuel delivery problems are probably 95% of engine problems. Don't really know if it helps. From now on, my small engine equipment will use 100% gasoline. True, energy independence is important. Hate to trash my older lawn equipment though. Engine makers will probably adapt to the enthenol in the future.

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MMO has been around since the 20s. It is a proven top cylinder lube. It costs about the same as ATF and smells better. All I know is that since I started using it, I have less problems with the mowers. TCW mix oil is supposed to have the same benefit when added to gas at a very low rate. When people you respect give info and it comes from more than 1 source, there may be something to it. Just sayin' is all.

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