Baby shampoo on new seeds, any problem ?

pbguy420July 12, 2014

Will baby shampoo/ molasses mix do any harm to new seeds if applied while new seeds are being put down

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Exactly the opposite of "harm." Soap is a wetting agent, and will help that particular coat of water adhere to the seed and penetrate.

I use a drop or two of soap when wetting down seeds in trays. It really helps to get the whole thing damp, and the seed germination rate has risen since I started doing it.

Don't go overboard with the stuff, of course, but normal to double normal rate is certainly no issue at all. The next rainfall will wash it into the soil anyway.

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Great! Now I'm new to the shampoo so from my research I believe it was you who said sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient I'm looking for... Is that correct? Are there any ingredients to specifically avoid besides the obvious antibacterial soaps?

Also will ammonium lauryl sulfate work as well as sodium lauryl sulfate?
It's in the suave shampoo I have that I'm never going to use for me

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>> I believe it was you who said sodium lauryl sulfate is the ingredient I'm looking for... Is that correct?

Sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, and ammonium laureth sulfate are all perfectly fine. There's actually a rather long list (any anionic surfactant with a very low toxicity to plant life at normal concentrations), but those four tend to hit the most often used.

They're also the most powerful so you need less per ounce of dilutant (usually water, glycerin, and so on). Sodium laurel sulfate is capable of removing old oil stains from concrete floors at high concentration (you aren't using it at high concentration--very low, in fact).

You might sometimes see "dodecyl" instead of "laurel." Same thing, different name.

Ammonium-based surfactants have the additional advantage of not injecting any sodium into your soil, which might be slightly important if you happen to have an excess of sodium. Plus the ammonium part will eventually become plant food.

Suave is great, and my go-to when I'm being lazy. The stuff has a low price per ounce and I like the apple scent on my lawn because it smells nice.

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