Totems at a show today

raforNovember 12, 2011

Just got back from a craft show at one of the schools in Manchester NH. Had just seen an article about the 2 women running the show yesterday in the paper. They described it as not your grandmother's craft fair. One table had totems. Sort of smaller ones only about 18-24 inches high, not meant to go on a pole as they all had a plate on the bottom. The only one to my liking had a NFS sign on it. The price for most seemed to be $30. They also had teacup birdfeeders and they wanted $35 for those! I thought that was a little outrageous. They were on a wooden dowel with some sort of white plastic connector on the bottom of the saucer. Didn't like that at all. Anyhow thought you all might like to know :)

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Thanks - I love hearing the reports about craft shows .I've never seen totems at a craft show - maybe it's catching on !

$35 for tea cup feeders is way too expensive - but if she can sell them for that -- good for her ! I couldn't even get $20 for mine :(

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Marlene Kindred

I think sometimes people think they should be able to get the same price as some of the high end shops in NYC or something. I'm always amazed when I actually see something priced properly...I want to hug the person who created it. I tend to frequent shops that have a wide variety of price ranges as I think those folks have a much more realistic mindset. If you want to attract buyers, then have something for everyone's price limit. There are more people who would have bought her teacup feeders for $15 than $35. If I were going to go to the trouble of having a craft booth, I would want to sell the items I had, not have to lug them back home!

And, of course, being a junker myself, I'm always looking for a bargain.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Interesting that the tea cup feeders were more than the totems. I made some big plate flowers with extra nice (and more costly than usual) plates. I am going to try to sell those for $25. I hope that is not too expensive. I'll still have my $15 $18 and $20 ones.

Thanks for the report!

Rant: You know I really don't like this "not your grandmother" stuff like the organizers used. I always feel like saying, "Oh your grandmothers weren't very talented I guess" to the people that use it. As a grandmother aged person who had awesome grandmothers who made lots of things by hand it just sounds silly!


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sprout_wi(z4 WI)

I was in a craft show this weekend. One woman had very nice totems, which she said she had been trying to sell all summer. She lowered her prices to $20 each and didn't sell one. I had teacup feeders, candles in vintage teacups and dish plates. I tried to keep my prices around $20-$25; candles $5-$7. I did OK. Not sure why the crowd was so unresponsive to totems.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I'm wondering if they couldn't imagine them in the garden. Did she have pictures?

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"Not sure why the crowd was so unresponsive to totems."

Put me in that category. As pretty as totems are, I just can't picture them in my gardens. I have mainly border gardens and foundation plantings and I just can't picture how I would be able to place a totem without it looking like a misplaced stack of glass. I also have a very active 7 year old who runs thru the gardens, so I have the propensity to look at a totem as potential broken glass in my garden.

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pixie lou: Yeah the glass thing. While at this craft show I heard a mother say to her child (as she approached the totem table) "Don't touch anything on this table." The sellers heard her and told her that they weren't all that fragile even though they were glass. So the seller proceeded to pick one up to show her it would hold together.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Some neighbor boys used to hit golf balls into our yard. Thank goodness they are gone. I did lose a garden globe. Never saw them do it, just found the golf balls.

Something knocked over some glass in my garden and broke it. I don't know if a large animal ran through or what.

I am thinking of just stacking dishes all crazy that are either glued or drilled. As soon as I find the right color and cheap dish set! Its an esthetic that doesn't appeal to everyone, even if they can imagine it.


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I recently took some totems to a family reunion as well as the plates glued on candlesticks to make a cake or cookie serving plate, they looked at them and thought I was CRAZY for glueing old junk together!!! Guess it's's all in the eye of the beholder!!

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