I Think New Grass is Dying Please Help!

enlighten_maineJuly 29, 2008

Just over two weeks ago I put down patchmaster. Everything was going great, I was watering three times a day, not soaking the patch master, just keeping it damp. After a week there was good growth. I continued watering on the same schedule week two. I am now in week three and brown spots are appearing. I am not sure if I have been watering too much or if it's fungus. I have cut back on the watering to once a day. Please help, it's so frustrating watching these brown patches appear.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

My guess would be that even in Maine this is a tough time of year to get grass seedlings to survive. What have your temps been like?

It could have been the temps. Or, the patchmaster stuff may have simply sprouted in its planting medium and then not have been able to get rooted in enough to survive. Also, I've read some posts on here that didn't reflect alot of luck by some users of patchmaster.

Since its where you just planted, my guess is its not a fungus or disease issue.

Its fairly likely you can avoid the problems you are having now by seeding in the fall or spring.

But, of course, that is purely conjucture without knowing what your weather has been like since seeding.

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Our weather has been fairly warm, in the 70-80F range. Last week we had lots of rain. Rained nearly everyday.
Do you think it is long enough to mow yet?. I was going to let it dry out a little and set the mower high. Or should I leave it for another week?.
Also at this length should I just be watering once a day?.
Based on your advice, it sounds like I should just keep my fingers crossed that I get a fair mount of growth with this batch and then overseed in the fall. When do you think the best time is?.
Thanks so much for the advice!.

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With that level of germination, once a day, or maybe even better only when the grass calls for it (maybe every three days? Four? Six?), should be fine now in your climate. Whatever seeds you sowed that have not germintated by now just won't, at least if your photos are any guide.

I don't know what grasses are in patchmaster, but if there is a significant KBG component (doubtful, but possible), or even a significant amount of creeping red fescue, the KBG will overtake those areas in the fall with no problem, and the CRF will do its best, but more slowly.

Also, if your seed did not have a high percentage of KBG, you might consider overseeding when the weather turns, which up by you should be like this week! And if that doesn't work, your next best option is to seed over the winter (really), after the cold temps set in but at a time when the lawn is not covered with snow. If you are curious about this, google "dormant seeding."


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Thank you so much Paul, great advice!. Do you think the brown patches are dead grass?. The last question I have is should I mow and if so do you wait until the ground is completely dried out so you don't rip the roots up with the mower?. Thanks again.

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Hi Enlighten, you're welcome! Yes, I think those patches are dead.

Unless you have some seriously tall grass somewhere I personally would wait for the ground to firm up again before mowing. And I would not bag - from what I have read rotary mowers tend to develop more suction under the deck when bagging, which thinking about it I guess makes sense.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks again for the advice Paul.

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Put some organic fertilizer on it. Either Milorganite, which may be less avail in your area, or Bay State Organic, which should be avail to you .

But you could have a case of fertilizer starvation. Which might be why the old grass couldn't hold on, and why the new grass did it's very best, sprouted, and just couldn't go any farther. There's no food there.

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