How much oil goes in my toro mower (Kohler engine)

zirconxJuly 2, 2011

I just bought a used toro push mower, its less than a year old. It has a Kohler engine on it, and the seller gave me the manual for that engine.

The manual lists 3 models on the cover, and the specifications section is broken down for those 3 models: XT-6, XT-7, and XTR-7. The problem is none of those numbers are on the engine! On the little service tag it says SPEC:XT173-0073. I am guessing this means its an XT-7? Both the XT-7 and the XTR-7 take 1.4 quarts. The XT-6 takes 1.1 quarts.

So I drained the oil by tipping over the engine. I held it tipped over at a 90 degree angle until the oil stopped flowing out. Then I poured in 1 qt. It should need almost half a quart more, right? So I poured in maybe a 10th or an 8th of the next quart I had, and checked the oil - its *way* overfull. I turned the engine over slowly to make sure the oil is everywhere inside the engine (probably not necessary on this 'splash' lubricated engine) and checked again. Way overfull. So I tipped the mower again and poured some out, I have no idea how much, it looked like a few oz. The oil measured lower now but still overfull.

So I got a helper and tipped the mower again, this time pouring the oil into a clear cup. I poured what looks like 4-6oz into the cup. Now the dipstick reads almost correct, still just a little high but I think its ok.

I'm almost positive I've taken enough oil out so that there is less than 1qt in the mower now.

How much is it supposed to take? Thanks for any help. Below is a picture of the tag on the engine. Clickable for a larger view.

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FYI (means: For your information) there are marks on the bottom end/ side of the dip-stick that show you when you have enough oil in the engine. This provided you have the machine on a flat, level surface!
So, here's how we all do it:
After you have drained out the oil, replace the drain plug, or turn the shut-off valve to "closed" position. Then sit down beside the engine, on the dip-stick side, and pour in several ounces of oil. Try the dip-stick check, by inserting it all the way down the tube, then take it out and look at it. If it needs more oil, put some more in it, then check it again. (By more oil, i don't mean the whole quart at one time !!!) add it sparingly, until it reaches the full mark on the dip-stick. You may have to wait between dip-stick insertions, until the oil has a chance to run down and settle. Just be sure you wipe the stick off between insertions.
A question: Does anybody younger than sixty know how to check the oil in any type of engine that has a sump, or oil pan? Do they know, or even see those little marks on the dip-stick? Or, what they mean?
Several folks have told me how their engine became "oil-bound". "Well, i just filled it to the top of the dipstick tube, until it wouldn't take any more!"
Another "Rant by Rusty"

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Thanks for the reply. I know how to check oil level. What is not making sense to me is the manual says it takes 1.4qts of oil, and I am finding the dipstick shows full with less than 1qt added.

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1.4 quarts sounds like an awful lot of oil for a walk behind mower engine. If I were you, I'd download a PDF copy of your mower's operator's manual from Toro's website and see what Toro says.

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20 ounces.

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I would be very surprised to find a lawn mower engine that takes 1.4 quarts. That is a lot of oil. Please re-read the directions and let us know what it says. Every modern engine I'm familiar with takes .66 quart or 20 ounces.

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Yeah, Kohler engineers spent a lot of time designing the dip-stick, so nobody would be able to tell how much oil is in the engine!
I always thought--if the oil level was at the top line on the dip-stick (Which was designed by the engineers of the manufacturer of the engine) that it was showing enough oil to safely run it.
Now, i find that i was wrong! According to some who post here, i must now measure out the oil in half liters, or by weight, or by some other method, maybe used by Dinosaur breeders to check the oil in their Dino's!
Also, hasn't any of the newer oil changers learned to read the dip-sticks? Do they just blithely pour in 3 or 4 quarts of oil, and when it reaches the top of the tube-say thats enough? Seen that!
Well, if the new breed is too dumb to figure out how to use the dip-stick, then i am not going on with this diatribe!
But, if they don't try to hurry the job, and just sit down beside the tractor or whatever and slowly pour the oil down the tube, and check it after each portion of oil is in it, then pour more until it reaches the full mark, they won't have to figure out liters or whatever!
Seems that the more we educate folks, the dumber they get!

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