Mulch with front wheels set higher than rear wheels?

rmtxJuly 18, 2010

My Snapper 21" Mulching mower Owner's Manual recommends to raise the front wheels one notch higher than the back to get better mulching performance for very thick grass.

Has anyone mowed like this, and if so does it make a difference?

Did mulching with front wheels set a notch higher improve mulching ability at the expense of something else, like quality of cut? Thanks,

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That's a new one on me, but if the good folks at Snapper say it works I would believe them. I think it is a mower-specific trick though, because on my Toro if you lift the front wheels much it breaks the airflow enough to kick some cuttings outside of the frame.

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canguy(British Columbia)

They are talking about raising the front wheels to drop the deck in a slight nose down attitude. It seems to improve air flow for better mulching in some conditions.

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I used to do this with my other words the rear wheels were higher off the ground than the front.

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'Rear wheels off the ground'...okay, I'll have to try that.

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