Snapper Hi-Vac mower with 'air lift' kit on blade

mooch91(central NJ - zone 6)July 15, 2009

Anyone ever use the Snapper "air lift" kit for the hi-vac blade with the holes? Basically, a set of "wings" that get bolted on to the blade and supposedly stand the grass up even straighter than the hi-vac blade by itself. Any thoughts? I've got the high-lift blade with the holes already and am considering the air lift kit.


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I used the kit yeasrs ago and it worked great. Gave me a much cleaner cut. I'm surprised they still have them available.

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canguy(British Columbia)

They work well but require more power to drive and are noisy. They don't always improve bagging performance, depends on conditions.

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Anyone used the hi-lift kit to mulch?

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canguy(British Columbia)

The hi lift kit will defeat the purpose.

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Just buy a well made mower designed to mulch from a known manufacturer like Honda, Toro or Snapper. A well designed mower will do the job of mulching with no silly after-market blades.

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Those aren't "silly" aftermarket blades! They came factory installed on my Snapper, which i bought in '83, from the Dealer! Might i suggest that you get yourself informed about the machine you are dissing, so you don't, in the future, stick yer foot in yer mouth!
Also--those wings are not used, furnished, to lift the grass, nor to mulch it! they are strictly used to blow the grass up the tube and into the bagger! If you want to mulch, i do think they furnished a blocker to install where the first part of the bagging system attaches to the deck! But, you can not use the bagging system if that is attached. DUHHH!?! :0(

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