My first plate flowers

DesrtdoveNovember 5, 2012

Hello everyone,

I'm so grateful for this forum!! Thank you all for your pointers on adhesives as well as the wonderful ideas and sharing of garden junk successes!!!

I hope these images of my first plate flowers are uploaded correctly.....we'll see =)

Anyway, I'm having so much fun and wanted to share what I've done so far.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing your wonderful work and ideas!!

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Hmm, I seem to be only able to upload one photo per posting...does anyone know how to do multiples on one post??

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Here's a 3rd.

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and a 4th

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Hope I'm doing this right.....number 5

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Whew, so far so good =) Number 6

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Only 2 more.....

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The last of this batch...I hope the way I posted these is appropriate.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Very pretty! I love those big triangular beads. What are they made of? The next to last is my fave. You know they kind of look like dessert flwoers to me.


By the way, if you are uploading from your computer, sometimes you can do it in draft, then you can copy the "address" of each picture into one post that you then publish. Not that you have to...

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You have been very busy! You did a great job with your plate flowers. I think the first blue flower is my favorite. Plate flowers are addictive, aren't they?

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you so much, Kathy! The big, orange, triangular beads are fused glass from a local artist.....I think they are her 'failures' if you can believe that! A friend gave them to me a few years ago as orange and black are my favorite colors...didn't know what to do with them until I started to make flowers ;) That one is in my back yard now! The others are gifts.....yes, I like the second to the last as looks like a trumpet flower to me.....yes, I suppose they all look like desert flowers because I live in the desert;) Thanks for the pointers on posting...I'll have to have more practice and try what you suggest. I finished 7 more flowers today so I should get pictures of them as well and upload them soon.

Hi Marylee, thank you! I LOVE the blue one much so that it's a gift to my mother. Yes, they are sooooooo addictive!! The more I make, the more I want to make and the more ideas I have....I'll never look at dishware the same again....haha.

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Dr. Toomuch gives you an official diagnosis ....
You Have an addiction to plate flowers ! Join the club :)
We enable each other , heh heh ! I can see you're in full swing cranking out those pretty plates ~~ don't say we didn't warn you ! LOL

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LOL@ toomuchglass!! So, should I take two aspirin and call you in the morning or continue with my addiction???

I'm having so much fun, I can't imagine stopping! Once I get my plate/cup stock down and I've satiated this urge ;) I'd like to start making totems too!

There are worse addictions for sure so I don't mind one bit! Thanks for the encouragement =)

Good day everyone!

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Marlene Kindred

Welcome DesrtDove!'re off to a roaring good start! What an awesome selection of plate flowers you've created. So many great colors, tiles, etc. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Oh Wow I love them all!! You need pretty plate flowers in the desert don't have to water!!! Will look wonderful in your yard I bet! Oh and Welcome to the board!

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Thank you Marlene! It's my pleasure to share!! I've greatly appreciated all the wonderful postings that people have shared about all the unique and fun things they create! It's been fun and inspiring!

Thank you also, sorie! Yes, no need to water these flowers, but I have a few in my yard and they do pick up the sun so beautifully....most currently are gifts, which is why I started this whole thing....but once I got going, I didn't want to stop! Who knows what's next ;) Thanks for the welcome too!!!

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Dsrtdove, your plate flowers turned out beautiful!! As the others have said, YES they are VERY addictive, but so much fun to make. You will never look at glassware again without thinking how it would look in a plate flower. Your garden will be outstanding and I'm sure you will receive lots more compliments. They sure sparkle in the sun don't they? I even have some spotlights on mine at night and they really stand out.Thanks for sharing.

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Hi azcactusflower! Thank you so much! Yes, VERY addictive!! I'm loving it! I am getting so much joy out of creating them already! I made one with copper chits on it for my best friend.....she put a spotlight on hers too and at night she says it radiates wonderful rainbows of colors all over her yard! So much fun!!

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They're beautiful! Addictive? Yes. DH is threatening intervention.

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Thank you, laurastheme! Addictive, yes!! Fortunately my dog and cat don't mind so far ;)

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Desrtdove ... wow, you've been busy ... & created some pretty flowers here! The way you posted them is 'fine' ...they all on the same post that's what helps keep others from being 'bumped' down the line. Otherwise, in Photobucket, you can post multiple pics by just copying the HTML code & pasting one after another.

My fave is the 2nd from the last also... but interesting orange & black pcs of glass you talked about...looks cool! TFS & keep having fun! Jeanne S.

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Desrtdove - I love, love, love your plates. I have been collecting plates and glasses for awhile, just haven't figured out how to put them together. Did you use the rebar/pvc/flatten spoon process, or did you drill a hole in the plates. Oh I'm so nervous about doing my first plates, but excited too. I've never seen a glass plate except on internet, so I never thought about how the rebar was holding the plates up. Any help you can give me would be so appreciated. I can't believe this is your first try at doing glass flower plates. Your flowers are beautiful.

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Gorgeous! They are addictive aren`t they? I finished a bunch, went to the dollar store for spoons, and then spent yesterday getting them in the garden.

During Dickens on the Strand one of the vendors was selling these and totems, the prices were eye popping!
Tally HO!

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Hi TamiWV,
Thank you so much for your kind compliments! I use a hockey puck and rebar....I have tried the spoon method several times with not much success, although I love that idea much better! No need to be nervous....just play and have fun! They bring me so much joy to make, I can't imagine stopping....I've made about 100 thus far and have improved greatly, I think....I continue to learn and enjoy this process. Give it a try....experiment and just have fun! =) I haven't checked on the site in a while, but I will try to check in more often and will gladly offer any assistance I can. Many people from this very site were kind enough to help and encourage me too! =) Thanks again!

Yes, beachplant, they certainly are addictive....I keep playing and creating more unique flowers as I go....I have found that if I'm using rare glass, depression glass, pure red glass etc. the prices have to accomodate that...could that be the case with those vendors you were referring to?? If it's just run of the mill stuff, they are cheaper. I just want to continue having fun and spreading the joy =)

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bebob(z5 IN)

You work is wonderful - I'm finally hitting the yard sales this weekend to make these flower plates. But I have a question you are using rebar how are you fasten the plate to it? I was going to use the bend spoon and pipe. Could you please let me know how you put them together. Could not find anything on it.
Thank you so much I hope I don't make anyone upset with me for asking. Have a great weekend
Indiana Betty

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Hi bebob,
Thank you for the compliment =) I've come a long way since those flowers.....continuing to create new flowers both for the outdoors and currently indoors as well....also branched out to mushrooms and just finished some glass robots today (per special request).

To answer your question: Yes, I am using rebar....I tried the spoon method, but couldn't get the flattened spoons to adhere well enough no matter what kind of adhesive I used. I also tried the plumbing connectors, but again, just didn't feel confident in how they were adhering. So, I decided that something hard to drill into and adhere onto the back might be best for me....thought about cutting round pieces of 2x4, but realized they wouldn't hold up in the rain. The only other thing I could think of was hard rubber....thought about recycled tires, but didn't think they would be thick enough and terribly difficult to cut into the proper shape...I settled on a hockey puck and drill into it using a paddle bit and adhere that onto the back.

By the way, I'm not upset by your question and I doubt anyone else would be either....I have found everyone on this forum to be very helpful and friendly and always willing to share ideas etc. =)

Hope you're having a good weekend as well!!!

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bebob(z5 IN)

Desrtdove Thank you so much for the info. I may give that a try. I can get my hands on alot of rebar. Hit the yard sales this weekend. My husband thinks I have lost my mind. HA!. I will put together some things this week.
Thank you again
Indiana Betty

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