Is this bindweed

bradmcnuttJuly 29, 2013

If not, any idea what it is?

Thanks in advance

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

This is bindweed. Dunno what yours is but it's not bindweed.

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Have you found out what that is i just posted with the same question i cant seem to get rid of it

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Not yet. Still looking. Please reply if you find anything. I'm going to just try bayer advanced in a small spot and see if it kills it.

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basket grass...i have it and it will take over..likes mostly shade and damp areas...have been researching and will try herbicide for crabgrass or a more organic approach with flour and baking soda(half and half)and 3 tlb. cinnamon...just a light dusting after amist of water on leaves...lately we have had too much rain to try cant comment on

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I think that may be it. Christ, another weed that sounds impossible to kill. I finally find something to kill the nimblewill that's all over my lawn now this. I have way too much of this stuff to try the organic approach. I'm not sure what herbicide even kills this stuff other than a non-selective which isn't an option.

Thanks for info.

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thats not basket grass it is Japanese stilt-grass - its a problem i have been working on this all summer i used spectraside the spot spray worked well but it is tedious im going to try bayer advanced Bermuda grass control

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I've noticed that tenacity which has eradicated my nimblewill problem and has done a nice job as a post-emergent herbacide on crabgrass also browns this stuff. It takes up to 3 sprayings, each two weeks apart, to get rid of nimblewill. I only did one spraying on this stuff so maybe a few more sprayings would do the job. Tenacity is even more effective if you apply earlier in the growing cycle. I didn't learn about it until the summer so most of my weeds were pretty mature by then hence the need for the 3 sprayings. I'll report back any further results I have using tenacity.

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