My Outhouse (pics)

FLYONAWALL(EARTH)November 29, 2007

I've been decorating my outhouse which I was able to obtain thanks to someone here on the forum (she knows who she is....). Have a looky!

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debby_md_z7(z7 md)

your yard is so pretty
nice job.

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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

Oh...I've always wanted an outhouse in my garden! I love yours!


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I love your country garden! The outhouse sure gives it a lot of added character.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

WoW! I love your bedpans too!I once saw one made in to a guitar! What a great little corner of your world!You really know how to put your garden together!Wish I had an outhouse I do have my moon shutters guess that will have to do!

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

How cool is that! I love your outhouse. I love the whole little area. Nice work!

fly, your "location" cracks me up! Too funny, wish I'd have thought of that!

Goldenpond, what a nice place you've put together there. Love those green shutters!

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Goldenpond, I LOVE your moon shutters! and your fireplace insert thingy! I didn't think anyone would pick up on the fact that I have bedpans on it too. lol Garden2....we're all from earth...*wink*.

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Bright199(foothills NC)

I am soooo totally jealous!!! I love it and all the way you have decorated it. Golden I still love the paint that you did.

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I love your outhouse and the whole setting!!!! Great job!!!

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I have to laugh at myself... at how much this site has changed my way of thinking about "stuff"...a few years ago, I wouldn't have thought an outhouse-setting...(pun intended)...would be pretty. But it is. I would of thought the bed pan on the side was in poor taste....
Have you thought about planting it with a trailing vine?..ha
Fly, the whole scene is so neat...and those masks (faces) on the ground near the door, are so cute.

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Ashli, when I was younger you couldn't have gotten me to go near an outhouse! You can't see it in this picture; but I have a bed pan on the side of the outhouse on the ground and it is planted with hens and chicks. The infant bed pan hanging inside the outhouse usually is holding my garden gloves. I have no idea why I'm attracted to bed pans. lol Inside the outhouse I have a very small bed pan on the shelf that is an ashtray (I don't smoke but thought it was appropriate!). The bucket in the center has a toilet seat on top of it and I use it to hold my potting soil. I've even installed one of those battery operated lights on the inside and turn it on at night sometimes and it lights up the moon in the door. I LOVE my outhouse and I highly recommend you to get one!! My neighbors are jealous that I have an outhouse. Can you believe that!!!!

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Love it, love it! I've always wanted an outhouse in the garden! My grandparents had one, but I never used it--too many snakes in there in the summer!! Your garden is just beautiful, and I hope you share more of it with us real soon!

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Fly - so happy to finally see pics of your outhouse!! It looks so nice there - nice setting! I knew you'd love it. Thanks for the idea of the light at night - hadn't thought of that - will have to try it! I am "into" bedpans also! But mine are inside the house - hadn't thought of hanging them on the outhouse.


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deedlesmom(zone 5 MI)

That is a very lovely setting. Did you purchase the outhouse or make it? I'm looking for plans for one. (just really trying to P.O. my DH....... ;)

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Your gardens and outhouse are totally awesome! What ingenuity! I love it! And it serves a purpose besides! Great gardening! Jeanne S.

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Deedlesmom...I purchased the outhouse; but if you can find plans, it looks very simple to make (well everyone used to make them years ago anyway!!) I could measure it for you if you'd like???? They guy that built it said that he tears down a lot of old barns and that is the type of wood he used for it. It has a slanted roof (front is higher than the back). I'm 5'2" and I can stand up inside of it.
Arlene, how do you display your bed pans? I have a "Bennington pottery??" (that's what I was told it was) one that is in my bathroom on the counter and it holds fingertip towels. I'd love to see/hear different ways of displaying them.
Thanks again, everyone, for all your compliments! And THANKS again, Arlene!

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love your outhouse, beautyful garden!

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When my mom married my stepdad (1972) & we moved to Ohio, we had to stay with his parents for about 4 months. Well, they had a dairy farm & no indoor bathroom so, they had an outhouse. It looked nothing like the outhouse in your yard;after living there for 4 months I never thought I would ever think an outhouse was cute but your is just the cutest thing!!! I love it!!

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OMGosh, I love it. And your garden looks fabulous!!!

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Very cute! It sure brings back memories of when I was a kid and I spent summers on my aunt and uncle's farm near LaCrosse, WI. They had indoor plumbing but they still had the original old outhouse. We used to use it when we were playing outside and didn't want to bother going in the house. The bees and wasps sure loveed to build nests in those!

When I was a kid, we had a cabin near Iron Mountain, MI in northern WI that didn't have indoor plumbing. So all we had was the outhouse (and a chair with a hole in the seat and a 5 gallon bucket under it). We had plenty of garden snakes in that outhouse too. Even had a little silver bat hanging on the door one day when I went to use it. I ran out screaming and when my dad came back with me, it was GONE! I would have totally freaked if I had closed the door and the bat started flying around in the outhouse. lol! We often left the door open because it looked out on 80 acres of heavily wooded property. We didn't care if the deer or bears saw us.

I love your lovely garden!

Did you make the cement pieces yourself? I love the little faces near the outhouse door.

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Luna, I did not make the cement faces. I bought them. I do cast elephant ears though. Here's a pic of one of them in the garden in the background.

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todancewithwolves(Z9 CA)

Waaaa....I want one. That is adorable!!!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!


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My computer is finally up again and I am able to upload pictures. Fly you asked about my bedpans. Right now I just have them hanging in the bathroom - we have a shelf with pegs the whole way around the bathroom. I've passed up a few this summer at garage sales - I won't let that happen again - I like the idea of planting in them! Here's a few pictures:

Here's a close up of the green pan - it's my favorite - a neat sage green and white swirl:


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Arlene: I LOVE IT ALL! OMG! That green bedpan is to die for!! I've never seen one like that. I gotta go hunting for bedpans now. And that urinal! And those long johns. AND that wall paper! And your collection of tins and bottles. I LOVE IT!!!! I'll try to get a pic of my bennington pottery bedpan that I have in the bathroom posted.
hahahaha bedpans and urinals. who would have known!!!
I also have my grandfathers cuspidor? gross but it beats seeing the younger guys I work with spitting in their coke cans. GROSS either way. Who would've known!!!

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Yes Fly, it seems you and I have an obsession with bathroom products and items, along with the privy itself! HA!! I have so many bottles and tins I have had to stop myself from buying anymore. I also have an old curling iron in there as well as a shaving mug and brush and a manual pr. of clippers. The long johns in the pic are a child's size, but I also have an adult pr. hanging on the back of the door. I want to find an old pr. of bloomers yet!


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Your outhouse looks so cute in your beautiful garden. Love that pump too. Both were items I used daily while growing up on a Midwest farm! Somehow they just appeal to me more in your garden! LOL You've done a great job of decorating it, and your flowers are gorgeous too. Luvs

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

An outhouse does not have to be a certain size or height. I believe my dad built ours to cover his height. Most people build anything that they had wood for...a roof, 4 walls or 3 and a door. Corn cobs or Sears catalog topped it off, lol. We had one until I was about 5 or 6...until daddy got bit by a black widow spider and we had to build on a room for a toilet. No tub or sink. Still bathed in a galvanized tub. filled from the kitchen sink at the other end of the house...even had to heat water on the stove until I was in my teens. Had to empty with a bucket in toilet, lol. My brothers friend said where do you wash your hands. My brother says, just flush the toilet then wash your hands. Mean kid. But then he laughed and said no, we use the kitchen sink for the rest. finally daddy put a hose out the bottom of the tub to drain out towards the garden. After I left home in early 60s, daddy was in the hospital and mother put in a real tub and sink. Sure surprised my dad when he came home, lol. Oh she had the water heater put in also, lol.

The most modern one I saw was at a tombstone place. One made of gray marble...door and seat and moon all there. I have a pic somewhere. I think it was near Mason TX.

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