LawnBoy Sens-a-Speed

ralexJuly 30, 2012

I replaced a transmission bracket on my LawnBoy model 10672 and first time use was perfect. Using second time after about 10 feet the right rear wheel totally locked. Will not go forward or backward. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thx

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That's a tough one w/o being there. If you pull the wheel, is everything in place?

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make sure the washer is in the dust cover properly, could have fell out when installed ,that washer stops the wheel bolt from overtighting.

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I couldn't find the model on the LB site - is it the type with the grease fitting on each rear adjuster/clutch housing, or the one without the clutch housings?

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thx for advice, I'm still stumped I will add that my transmission was replaced 18 mos ago. I brought it home and first time out was fine then wheel locked. I returned to repair shop and they mmade a quick change (2-3 min) without removing wheels. I wish I paid attention, it was as if a part on transmission was reversed and in installing new bracket I may have done the same. I have since removed wheels, greased everything and am now going to remove transmission. I was trying to save some cash but frustration may not be worth it.

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