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amlar(CT)July 1, 2010

Below is a copy of a post from Saxman 2 years ago that really describes the area of my 10550 that has a problem. Sometimes dirt and grime gets into the area where the sliding member slides so when I adjust the throttle that sliding member actually jumps over the piece that opens and closes the throttle. This happened recently so I took things apart to clean and in doing so the wire at the bottom of the governor spring disconnected from the sliding member. I cannot get it reattached. Any ideas on how to do that. My father in law tried to help and attached it to a plastic post next to it which allows me to mow but the engine is revving really high and burning gas quickly so I need to stop that. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I do not want to spend $82.50 to fix this. Thanks

"Okay, the air vane is the white 'flag' that extends into the air shroud. At it's base is a thin collar with a knurled edge. Under the collar should be the end of the governor spring, which must be attached to the sliding member on top of the air filter box. The manual throttle moves the sliding member and tightens or loosens the governor spring to provide varying engine speeds. Assuming this is all connected properly, remove the air filter element (with engine off) and observe the throttle plate. It must be in the wide-open position. Gently move the air vane to the left and release it - it must be completly free to move and must instantly return to the wide-open position when released (the throttle plate is attached to the air vane). If the throttle plate is not in the wide-open position, turn the adjusting collar clockwise (it clicks) until it is. Once you get it started, you can adjust the collar for more or less RPM. There may be other problems but check this first."

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"I do not want to spend $82.50 to fix this."

If the $82.50 is for a new carburetor that may be what you have to do. The plastic carburetors on the newer Lawnboy 2-strokes are notoriously prone to breakage.

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I cannot help you with that governor spring. I never took one off the slider. Seems like it should hook up if not broken off. Others on here have done this and should have an answer.

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I broke the spring tip on the coller end on my 10323 which has the same carb as your 10550. To remove the spring, you have to pull the carb off the motor and then remove the vane.
To remove it, grab the throttle plate(the brass plate on the air vane) with a needle nose plier and just
pull it out. Then you can lift the vane out of the carb and hopefully re connect the spring. There should be a hook on the end that connects to the slider. You'll have to readjust the governor by turning the knurled wheel to adjust the speed. Good luck.

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"in doing so the wire at the bottom of the governor spring disconnected from the sliding member. I cannot get it reattached. "

There should be a eye on the sliding throttle control that a hooked end of the spring goes into.

Walt Conner

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