Statesman Lawn Tractor--electrical

nunnboys.comJuly 31, 2012

I have a Statesman Riding Lawnmower 16.5 HP Briggs & Stratton motor. I do not know Model Number or year. Looking forhow to release the wiring clip right under full tank, drivers side??? I my motor will not turn over (or at least it does barely) but not enough to crank the lawnmower. Replaced battery, took starter to be checked (good) and now I believe the next thing to check is the "Ground Block" is what I have been told it is. I can't unplug it and don't want to break it. #1...How do I unplus it? 2...what else can my problem be?

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Briggs OHV engines require the valve lash to be in spec for the compression release to function.

It's actually considered "normal" maintenance.

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Valve Lash, how will that not allow the motor to turn over?? and how do I correct that? It does make sense what you are saying because when it did run it always popped and backfired. What should I do ? Thank you so much

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Posting the actual Model # of the engine is useful so we know exactly WHAT Biggs you have.

The Briggs OHV engines typically have a "bump" on the cam lobe that opens one of the valves slightly when cranking to relieve compression.
IF the valve lash is too loose, the valve doesn't get "bumped" and therefore, no compression release.

Valves are set with the piston 1/4" past TDC.

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OMG, I think there is something SERIOUSLY wrong
with Garden Web's 'system'.

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