Is not mowing somehow protected if you're zoned Agricultural?

ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)July 25, 2014


I just found out today that I live in an area that is zoned Agricultural. We have a neighbor who hasn't mowed since last year. His yard is now about 6 feet tall.

I'm someone who believes in live and let live, I do. I respect he has the right to do as he sees fit with regards to his property, however we are starting to see rodents in our yard coming from his hay, and we saw our first snake last week.

My guess is, since we live in a rural area and zoned agricultural, that there is nothing we can do. It almost seems spiteful, his not mowing. I think he's mad at the neighbor on the other side of him, and that is why he hasn't mowed. We've never had a problem with him, but I don't dare ask him about why he's not mowing. Let's just say he isn't a people person.

This neighbor who hasn't mowed, and dh and I all bought our houses within a few months of each other, 11 years ago. This guy used to mow once a week religiously. So it's bizarre he stopped. He isn't in foreclosure or anything.

I want to clarify that neither we, nor the other neighbor I've mentioned have a farm, we just have homes with 1/2 acre lots, but we do have a neighbor kitty corner to us who has land with a large number of cows, and another neighbor around the corner has horses.

Do people who live in areas zoned Agricultural, generally speaking, have any laws forcing them to maintain their lawn?

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Does it look like the pictured linked below? :)

Sometimes restrictions are placed in deeds, or HOA or in local ordinances. They will vary by local, so you need to do some research. If there are none, then he can probably do as he likes unless it rises to the level of a nuisance. Nearly all jurisdictions have nuisance laws.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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botanicalbill(9b SWFlorida)

If its ag, probably nothing you can do. I would find out if your neighbor is doing this out of spite, just go ask him.

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