Craft Show report

toomuchglass(5)November 19, 2011

This is opening weekend of hunting - DH is gone ,so I ran wild ! LOL

I hit 3 craft shows and 2 thrift stores. I'm beat.

Craft fairs -- nothing new under the sun . Beaded jewelry overran every show. Thrift stores didn't have much either - it must be a slow time for donations. I spent the most $ at the bake sales :( Oh well .... I have enough projects started to keep me busy for a long time.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I didn't go to the one I passed up selling at which was yesterday. I kind of wish I had just to see what people are selling. I ended up with a lot to do, and it is in the next town over with terrible parking.

How about you Kathy? Do you have any plans to sell things this holiday season?


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Not much here, saw a couple of churches having theirs but was taking care of dad so didn't bother to go 10 miles just to look, had Biscotti to get made so did that. had to go get cherries & didn't see but 1 yard sale & they have 1 every week.Of course rain was supposed to get here today but just a light sprinkle in morning & now supposed to come tomorrow! Jan

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LOL, 2much! I spent most of my money on 'baked' goods, too! That is ONE great thing about craft shows, uh! If all else fails....

I was just to a big one over the weekend ... less crafters, lots of jewelry ...but a couple of the jewelry people were 'designing' their own...working right in their you could see what it involves...I thought that was a selling point! I bought a pr of earrings $3 ...inexpensive, very pretty!

I did buy a couple things from a crafter that I really enjoy seeing her work & she works right at her booth, too...with 'barbed wire.' & this yr she is incorporating 'glass, metal & found items' into her barbed wire work. I got a star w/bird in the center.

Had a good time lookin'! Jeanne S.
& I'm lucky that we have such good thrift & consignment shops around! plus GW & SArmy!!

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No selling at fairs this fall for me,Kathy. I'm trying to get myself to make some things for a spring yard art sale - but I seem to be getting sidetracked on making things for myself . It's hard to think "Spring" over winter ..LOL
It's funny -- even though alot of crafts didn't interest me -- their displays do ! I love looking at the different ways that sellers set up - what looks good & what doesn't.
I still might venture to sign up for a few next year.
Now that DH just retired - I'll have to keep him busy -
heh heh ;)

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TMG, did you get to the big craft fair this weekend at State Fair Park? I haven't been to it in years. I agree, the charity stores seem to be more sparse this year. I'm assuming people are hanging onto things or selling them instead of giving them away.

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Kathy -- I went there once - long ago and it was so crowded I couldn't even get near the booths to see stuff. I know a lady that sold there one year - she said the stealing is really outrageous because you can't watch everything with all the people around. I guess I never had the urge to go back . Now - it's too much walking for me .

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Isn't it sad that you have to worry about theft at a craft fair? When I was selling last weekend the booth next to me had handmade hair bows. They were spread out all over the table. I saw two young teens take some off the table and stash them in their purse. There was a crowd of people in front of the booth and my booth and they apparently thought no one saw them. I caught the eye of one of them and shook my head at her. She was so bold she just waved at me and said hi. I told the lady next to me and she said it happens. At least with our glass totems and plate flowers they're too big to stuff in a purse.

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